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A Proxy Conflict Embroils Democrats Over Support for Israel

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Tuesday’s showdown in Maryland is only up to date. The politics of the division between Israel and Palestine has disturbed the Democratic Primary of South Texas, Cleveland, North Carolina, Illinois, California, and Pennsylvania. And at the August Primary in Michigan, AIPAC members and the Israeli Democratic majority were behind the medium-sized Christian Haley Stevens, and the more progressive Democratic Andy. They are lined up with Levin in the incumbent vs. incumbent primary association. — Remind us that in the political world created by Mr. Trump, being Jewish is no longer equivalent to being “pro-Israel”. Indeed, the Israelites now see evangelical Christians as a much larger and stronger ally than American Jews.

“Our goal is to build the broadest pro-Israeli bipartisan coalition in Parliament,” Dawton said.

Notable efforts for AIPAC, which has so far endorsed political intervention, have been blamed for ethnic prejudice and deep concern that the group is becoming more stringent rather than strengthening Israeli government support within the Democratic Party. Brought about. A candid position in support of the attitude towards Israel and the Palestinian Authority for the progressive Lithomas test.

“When an organization approves, it’s essentially a political version of” you’re with us, or you’re against us. ” You are creating a black and white scenario, “said Julie Rayman, senior director of policy and political affairs for the American Jewish Committee, which does not intervene in political race.

Benami is more straightforward.

“We are trying to save space to maintain a more balanced American policy that pushes back some of what is happening on Israel’s earth,” he added. He “imposes political costs” on those who speak.

Palestinian rights activist and non-resident fellow at the Arab Center in Washington sees his compatriots as a positive sign of his cause. For decades, the impact of AIPAC on the campaign was indirect. The group did not recommend or raise funds for the candidate, but instead encouraged its members to do so.

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