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Deshaun Watson’s Accusers Settle Their Claims Against the Texans

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According to Tony Busby, a lawyer representing women, the Houston Texans have reached a settlement with 30 women who have accused NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct in booking a massage.

One of Watson’s accusers filed a lawsuit against Watson’s former employer, Texans, last month, and while playing for the team, the organization “blinded” to Watson’s actions against a female massage therapist. Insisted. She is the only plaintiff to file a proceeding against the Texans, but in a statement, Busby said the settlement was “all women who claimed or intended to claim against the Houston Texans organization.” Said that.

Twenty-four women have filed proceedings against Watson, alleging that he assaulted or harassed them on a massage schedule between 2020 and 2021 on the Texans roster. Watson, who denied cheating, settled 20 of these proceedings last month. The identities of the additional six women who reached a settlement with the Texans were unknown, and Busby refused to share additional details regarding their allegations against Watson or the team.

“I will not comment further on the Texans or Texans’s alleged role, except that there is a striking contrast between the way the Texans dealt with these claims and the Watson team.” Said.

Mr. Busby said the terms of the settlement, including the monetary amount, were confidential.

The Texans did not immediately return a request for comment.

News of the women’s reconciliation with the Texans is whether Watson will be disciplined by the NFL after a three-day hearing last month in front of an arbitrator jointly appointed by the League and the NFL Players Association. Comes while waiting for a decision on whether to be disciplined. Two Texas grand juries refused to prosecute Watson for criminal charges in March. After the first grand jury refused to prosecute and before the second grand jury prosecuted, Browns exchanged for Watson and signed an unprecedented, fully guaranteed five-year contract worth $ 230 million. did.

Before one of Watson’s whistleblowers filed her case against the Texans, a New York Times investigation provided a place the team used for some of Watson’s scheduled massages that resulted in civil or criminal charges. I showed that I did. Team representatives also offered him a nondisclosure agreement after the woman who later sued him threatened online to expose his actions.

Mr. Busby said the women’s proceedings against the Texans were prejudicedly dismissed as soon as the paperwork for the settlement was completed. The four proceedings against Watson are still pending (including the proceedings of the woman who sued the Texans), and the settlement with the Texans does not appear to have affected these proceedings.

“The four proceedings filed against Deshaun Watson will continue,” Busby said, adding that all four proceedings will be brought to court in the spring of 2023.

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