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Energy Was the Only Bright Spot in the Stock Market’s Gloom

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In addition, Lloyd’s List analyst and market editor Michel Wiese Bockman, London’s shipping intelligence group, said Russia may be strengthening itself for future EU sanctions. .. She said it may follow the model used by Iran and Venezuela. While such transportation practices are legal, they can obfuscate the source of the cargo.

“Sanctions are clearly a foreign policy tool, but a very dull tool,” Bockman said. “Whenever there are sanctions, restrictions, or additional risks, there is money to make.”

Soaring natural gas prices have received less attention than rising pump prices. However, things can change when the summer driving season is over and the winter heating season begins.The Henry Hub Price For natural gas, the industry benchmark has risen from less than $ 4 at the beginning of the year to about 8 million British thermal units.

Europeans are reducing the purchase of Russian natural gas in the pipeline. Instead, they decided to buy supercooled liquefied natural gas for shipping worldwide in tankers.European LNG imports from the US record High in the first 5 months of 2022.

ExxonMobil, which has invested in building LNG businesses along the Gulf, is the largest holding of many US energy funds. However, exxons and other energy companies have focused on profitability, despite the need to expand LNG facilities to increase oil drilling and offset licensed Russian oil and gas. Experts say there is.

John Maloney, Chairman of M & R Capital Management, a wealth management company in New York, said: “They focus on reducing company debt and returning profits to shareholders through stock repurchases.” Unlike past booms, he said, “They are moving to’drills, babies, drills’. I haven’t. “

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