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House Passes $840 Billion Military Policy Bill

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Washington — On Thursday, the House of Representatives will increase the Pentagon’s budget demanded by President Biden by $ 37 billion, reflecting the growing bipartisan desire in Congress to raise military spending amid new threats from Russia and China. Passed a $ 840 billion policy bill.

The law allows military personnel to raise salaries by 4.6%, limits the ability of the Biden administration to sell F-16 fighters to Turkey, reports on and fights white supremacist and neo-Nazi activities in federal law enforcement agencies. To the national security agency. army. The bill gained widespread bipartisan support and passed 329-101, but the Republicans unanimously opposed the mission to eradicate white supremacism, arguing that no such effort was necessary.

The bill also includes provisions aimed at mitigating civilian casualties caused by US military operations and approving $ 100 million to support Ukrainian military pilots. And it will abolish the 2002 law allowing the invasion of Iraq, which has been extended by multiple governments to justify military action around the world.

“Looking at Russia, China and Iran, there is a complex threat environment,” said Adam Smith, a Democrat in Washington and chairman of the Senate Military Commission. “The war in Ukraine is a devastating threat to peace, stability and democracy, not only in Eastern Europe but around the world, and we are working with our partners to deal with it, so we have a strong bill. You need to make sure you have. “

The House Democrats initially proposed to meet Mr. Biden’s military budget, but a bipartisan group of Armed Services Commissions overwhelmingly supported a 4.6 percent increase by Maine Democrat Jared Golden. did.

“We look at world events in Ukraine, read reports on China’s plans and actions in the South China Sea, Iran’s nuclear ambitions and North Korean missile tests, and the threat of ongoing terrorism. Just read the latest heading on, see why this additional funding is needed to address the security challenges of our time, “Golden said.

In contrast, a long-standing effort ($ 100 billion this year) led by California Democratic Party Rep. Barbara Lee to cut the Pentagon’s budget failed on the house floor on Thursday, with 350 bipartisan opposition. It echoed at 78.

The military policy bill also includes a number of measures aimed at mitigating civilian casualties caused by US military operations. Intelligence, confirmation bias, and inadequate accountability.

The law is a “civilian” consisting of more than a dozen expert civilians appointed by Congress to investigate “a representative sample of civilian harm in places where the United States used the military.” Establish a “Committee on Human Harm”.

Parliamentarians also voted to add to the military policy bill an amendment that reports on the activities of white supremacists and neo-Nazis in federal law enforcement and the military and requires national security agencies to fight. .. ..

“Such extremism is a threat to us in all areas of society. Illinois Democrat and Clause sponsor Brad Schneider said: Cases of U.S. military radicalism are “rare, but before risks become reality, we must do everything we can to identify and stop them.”

All Republicans voted against it, but only Arizona’s Congressman Andy Biggs publicly explained his opposition on the house floor. He argued that the proposal was “trying to cause a problem that nothing existed” and “condemned our men and women participating in the service.”

“All members of the armed forces who have shown interest in or actual participation in white supremacists or groups of white supremacists are facing disciplinary action,” Bigs said. “The relevant branch has demoted, dismissed, or disciplined the sympathizer.”

The vote was held because the country continued to work on fallout from 6 January 2021 and worked on an attack on the Capitol. In December, the Pentagon updated its rules on extremism, including tightening social media guidelines, changing the way recruits are selected, and considering ways to prevent retirees from being targeted by extremist organizations. did.

The House of Representatives also approved a clause led by New York Democrat Kathleen Rice. This calls for a review of national security agency compliance with domestic terrorism reporting requirements already established by existing legislation. Only four Republicans supported it.

Mr Rice said the law was introduced after government agencies submitted “incomplete and inadequate information” in the first parliamentary mandated report on domestic terrorism.

Voting was the latest sign that Republicans were reluctant to tackle the issue of white supremacy and white supremacy, but such ideologies helped raise the threat of violent extremism in the country. The data shows that it is. The party has largely refused to punish members of its class who sympathize with white supremacists, including Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene and Arizona’s Paul Gosar, who spoke at the White Supremacist Conference. .. Gosar worked closely with conference leader Nick Fentes.

It was not clear whether the white supremacist words passed in the 218-208 vote could survive in negotiations with the Senate on the bills that had to be passed. At least some Republican support is needed to collect the 60 votes needed to pass the evenly divided chamber of commerce.

In the House of Representatives, lawmakers also voted to give the mayor of the District of Columbia the same authority that the Governor of the State and Territory has over the National Guard in Washington, DC. This is an attempt to deal with a situation that the mayor of Washington, DC cannot. As the mob attacked the building, guards were quickly dispatched to the Capitol on January 6th.

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