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Secret Service Text Messages Around Jan. 6 Were Erased, Inspector General Says

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Washington — Text messages sent and received by secret service agents during the attack on the Capitol on January 6th last year were erased, the inspector said Thursday, from a House committee investigating the attack. Raised concern.

An inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security, the parent agency of the secret service, obtained by the New York Times, reported that much of the agent’s text was erased as part of the device exchange program, even after the inspector general. He requested them as part of his investigation into the January 6 incident.

The letter is Previously reported by interception..

Senator Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat and chairman of both the January 6 and Land Security Commissions, said Thursday received a letter from the inspector informing him of the erased text message. Stated.

“I’m worried,” Thompson said in an interview. “It’s important to get as much information as possible about how this discrepancy occurred.”

In a statement, Secret Services said it had “lost” data on “some phones” as part of a three-month “system migration” planned in advance in January 2021. I disputed some of the findings, but the inquiry was “lost in the transition.”

Authorities said the project was underway before being notified by the inspector general to save the data and did not “maliciously” delete the text message.

The news is about a January 6 committee involving former President Donald J. Trump and a secret service that occurred in his armored suburban SUV shortly after his speech on the ellipse ended on January 6. Occurs while investigating.

Former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson was infuriated by Mr. Trump in front of the panel when White House executives refused to take him to the Capitol due to his security details. I testified that I told her.

Hutchinson tried to grab the wheel of his car when White House Deputy Chief of Staff Anthony M. Ornart told him he couldn’t go to the Capitol and join his supporters. He said he was told he did. Some of the people he was told were armed. Hutchinson also told her that Ornart had told her that the president had “plunged” into his chief Secret Service agent, Robert Engel.

Secret service officials spoke on anonymous terms and challenged some details of her account. However, officials said Engel, Ornart, and suburban drivers were ready to testify again in front of the Commission and confirm another element of Hutchinson’s testimony: Trump. He asked his agent to take him to the Capitol after they emphasized that he was too dangerous to go.

Engel and Ornart had already spoken to the Commission’s investigators before Hutchinson’s testimony. Thompson said Thursday that neither man had come to another interview yet, but the panel was in talks with them.

The commission also interviewed an officer of the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, which was part of the president’s line that day, and departed from the ellipse due to anger that Mr. Trump was not allowed to go to the Capitol. I told the panel that I was late. Two people who are familiar with the testimony of officers.

Police officers weren’t at the SUV with Mr. Trump, but people said they had heard about the quarrel and confirmed that the incident had happened.The testimony of the officer is Previously reported by CNN..

The disclosure of the secret service text message was from Joseph V. Kafari, an Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security. He wrote to the House and Senate committees that have jurisdiction over the department on Wednesday, and many secret service text messages from January 5, 2021 and January 6, 2021 were “erased as part of the device exchange program. “.

Cuffari wrote that the text was erased after the inspector’s office began an investigation on January 6 and requested authorities to communicate electronically. He also reported that secret service personnel refused to provide records to his office without first having a department lawyer check the records.

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