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The Surprise Proposal That She (Kind of) Knew Was Coming

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Shortly after James Yihua Xi and Suzanna S. Sone arrived at the dive bar in Washington, where they proposed their first date in February 2019, Xi realized that everything was wrong.

“She was so good that I felt like she deserved a much nicer bar than the one I took,” he said.

Soon they moved on to some kind of speech with caviar on the small plate menu, where Xi chatted with Sone, who played against him a few days ago throughout the league for the next five hours.

“He was actually my first date on a dating app,” she said.

At 2:00 am, he returned her to her location in Washington, Chinatown, where each lived. And they gave the first kiss at Mr. Sone’s front door. Before dawn, they agreed to go out again the next day.

On the second day, two children of immigrants, her parents, came from South Korea and he came from China, but fell into another deep conversation.

“We talked about our childhood experience, how many sacrifices our parents made to make us successful, and the work isn’t all over,” she said. “Basically, we want the same basic things in life.”

The two found that their upbringing and outlook on life overlapped, but found that their personalities were not very consistent.

“He is consistent, very straightforward, patient, kind, very diligent, and has all these characteristics that I lack but really respect,” Sone (29). Said.

“She has a very attractive personality. She is very bright, happy, fun and really cute,” said 32-year-old Xi. “I have never met someone like her.”

Two days later, the third date came. After that, I learned that they both found a special person.

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Sone received both a law degree and a master’s degree in foreign service from Georgetown. She is currently an associate at Clifford Chance’s Washington office, a British law firm. She graduated from Cornell University and earned a law degree from Stanford University. Xi is a litigation associate at the Washington office of Kirkland & Ellis, a law firm in Chicago.

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The couple got engaged in her hometown of Hawaii in October 2020. They arrived a few months ago. She worked remotely, and Mr. Xi was in between jobs after a one-year term as Judge Brett M. Cabano of the Supreme Court.

“I used to go fishing every day. I was thinking about the old days,” said Xi, who grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati.

By that time they were discussing the proposal. However, knowing that Sone was anxious for a surprise element, Xi was apparently uncommitted when he made a detailed plan.

“She wanted two things,” he said. Not only “she wanted it to be a surprise,” but “she wanted to look good in her photo. Cute outfits, all make-up, and at the same time surprised her. “

On the day of the engagement, Mr. Nishi delivered a bracelet to Mr. Sone in the morning, and added a note that he was planning to propose the day and arranged hair and nail reservations for her and some friends. She had lunch at one of her favorite restaurants and rode a limo to the hotel.

At the hotel, a video made by Mr. Sone was shown, and the wishes of as many as 50 friends were included. In summary, Xi was downloading contacts from his mobile phone late one night while he was asleep.

After that, Rimo took Mr. Sone to the Lanikhonua Cultural Institute in Capolei, Hawaii, where Mr. Shi was waiting for a proposal. She was blindfolded, he said.

“It was great,” Sone said.

They married Judge Cabano on June 23 in the Supreme Court’s room. On July 3, the couple held a large wedding reception with about 100 guests at Castell de Sant Marçal, where the castle just outside Barcelona turned into an event space, and friend Trevor Ezell led them at a non-denominational ceremony. I did.

The newlyweds, who currently live in the Logan Circle district of Washington, are named SoneXi.

“We really complement each other and we are very, very different people,” said the bride. “The magic of our relationship is that we made it work.”

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