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U.K. Issues an Unprecedented Heat Warning

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London — Friday’s National Weather Service takes part in the UK Emergency alert Monday and Tuesday. Alex Deakin, a meteorologist at the service, known as the Meteorological Agency, said the warning was the first to apply to extreme heat.

In short, the heat is so severe that it can adversely affect people of all ages, not just the most vulnerable, leading to “serious illness and life-threatening”. Meteorological Agency said.. The second highest level of amber warning has been expanded in parts of Scotland.

British meteorologists are closely watching the days ahead, in preparation for temperatures never experienced before, where umbrellas are used as shelters from drizzles and as shades from the shade.

Deakin said Friday, Monday or Tuesday was “very likely” to break the record. Officially recorded maximum temperature On July 25, 2019, it was 38.7 degrees Celsius (101.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in the United Kingdom.

Forecasts predict “very” high temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) between Sunday and Tuesday, after which cool weather will settle.

This week in London, the shop prominently exhibited a handheld battery-powered fan and the mayor. Invoked emergency protocol To help homeless people find a place to stay cool.Japan Meteorological Agency warning Disruptions of services such as water, electricity, travel, and related illnesses such as heat exhaustion can occur.United Kingdom National Health Service Issue an advisory Here are some tips for dealing with it.

Drapers Arms, a pub in North London, said it wouldn’t open on Monday and perhaps other days because the forecast wasn’t accepted. Like other historic buildings and many homes in the UK, pubs do not have air conditioning.

“The kitchen gets too hot,” said Assistant Manager Melanie Hunt. “They can’t work in that situation. It’s for staff, especially the kitchen, but it’s also in front of the house.”

“We have fans, but I don’t think they’re doing too much unless you’re in front of them.”

In parts of the UK, July is already warm. Summer days in southern England are usually in the mid-30s, but in some areas higher levels are becoming more common from the mid-30s.

Deakin said in an interview Thursday that this Sunday was the hottest day in Scotland, reaching 29.3 degrees Celsius (84.7 degrees Fahrenheit) and Northern Ireland at 24.3 degrees Celsius (75.7 degrees Fahrenheit).

“We feel a big shake,” he said.

Last summer, when temperatures reached around 30 degrees Celsius, the Met Office issued its first extreme heat warning, warning that more temperatures would come. “Hot weather is often considered” good news “and is enjoyed by many, but it can have serious consequences. ” At that time, the Meteorological Agency said.. “Survey shows that as a result of climate change, it’s much more likely that we’ll see protracted heat spells in the UK.”

“This isn’t a typical July popular spell,” Deakin said in an online presentation this week about vacation planning, when it rains (probably the last week of July), and whether it’s a company or not. Answered the question from. Or you’ll need to close the school (it’s up to them, Deakin said).

Despite brave expectations, Britain may not be as bad as some countries.

This week, temperature forecasts exceeded 104 degrees Fahrenheit in dozens of cities in eastern and southern China. Italy is on the verge of drought exacerbated by high temperatures, which has led to water distribution. The scorching heat reflects the global trend of more and more extreme weather episodes caused by climate change.

“The highest temperatures experienced in the UK tend to occur when our weather is affected by air masses from continental Europe or North Africa. It will be weekends,” said the National Climate Information Center of the British Meteorological Agency. The person in charge, Dr. Mark McCarthy, said. , Said In the statement..

In Deakin’s Twitter chat, a man said, “will cook us,” coupled with the heat and humidity of Britain.

“It’s another kind of heat,” Deakin agreed, citing how it feels in a hot climate like Dubai. The temperature is above This week is 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) on a regular basis. “The dry heat you get in the desert is easier.”

“The more water and humidity in the air, the harder it is for the body to sweat,” he explained, warning listeners to wear a hat, sunscreen, and drink plenty of water.

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