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Drug Kingpin Convicted of Killing D.E.A. Agent Is Captured in Mexico

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Mexico City — A drug trafficking organization convicted of organizing torture and murder of drug control officers was arrested in northern Mexico on Friday and has long been a source of tension with the United States, according to Mexican officials. A resolution that is one step closer to.

According to Mexican officials, drug boss Rafael Caro Quintello was captured in a joint operation involving the Mexican Marine Corps and the National Prosecutor’s Office near the town of San Simon in Sinaloa.

Mr Caroquintero’s arrest warrant was issued to pave the way for his delivery to the United States, officials said.

Caro Quintero was convicted of murdering DEA agent Enrique Camarena, known as Kiki, in 1985 and was released for legal expertise in 2013 before being released in 2018 as FBI Most Wanted FBI. Selected as 10 Nominated Arrangers. Since then he has escaped.

In a move that surprised U.S. officials, Carocintello served 28 years in prison for 40 years when suddenly released by a judge who ruled improperly tried in federal court rather than state court. .. The murder of Mr. Camarena.

The secret torture and killing of Mr. Camarena was seen as a turning point in Mexico’s fierce war against drug cartels, a long-time painful place for U.S. law enforcement officials, and a source of friction with Washington. did. ..

The United States had sought to hand over Mr. Caroquintero at the time of his release. He had long claimed that he had not ordered the killing of Mr. Camarena.

A few days after Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador met President Biden in Washington, the infamous drug boss, now the founder of the late Guadalajara Cartel, was captured.

In a joint statement after the meeting, the two leaders reaffirmed our commitment to work together to address key security issues affecting our country, such as fentanyl, arms trafficking and trafficking issues. “.

Caroquintero’s capture is also an important victory for Lopez Obrador, who presided over one of the bloodiest times in Mexican history, despite his promise to work to curb crime and violence. May be considered.

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