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Jan. 6 Panel Issues Subpoena to Secret Service in Hunt for Text Messages

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Washington — House Committee investigating attacks on the United States Capitol Issue a subpoena to the Secret Service At the end of Friday, I asked for a text message on January 5th and 6th, 2021 that was allegedly erased, and a post-action report.

In a statement, Mississippi Democratic Party Rep. Bennie Thompson, chairman of the Commission, said the panel “somehow related to the January 6, 2021 incident” from “every division” of secret services. He said he was looking for it. “

This development took place after the Secret Service’s parent agency, the Homeland Security Inspector General, met with the Panel and told legislators that much of the text had been erased as part of the device exchange program, even after the Inspector General requested it. It was done. They as part of his investigation into the events of January 6th.

Secret Services disputes some of the inspector’s findings, saying that some phone data was “lost” as part of a three-month “system migration” planned for January 2021. However, it has nothing to do with the investigation.

Authorities said the project was underway before receiving notification from the inspector general to save the data and did not “maliciously” delete the text message.

Congressman Jamie Raskin, a Democrat and member of the Commission in Maryland, said the panel would like to hear more from the Secret Service to understand what happened.

“The Commission is absolutely determined to reach the root of this and find all the missing texts,” Ruskin told reporters at Capitol Hill. “They are missing, but in the high-tech era, we shouldn’t give up.”

The subpoena will arrive as the Commission is still investigating while preparing for the final hearing of the summer schedule. Thursday’s prime-time session focused on former President Donald J. Trump’s 187-minute omission. A mob of his supporters attacked Congress.

Mr. Byrne attended perhaps the most dramatic meeting of the Trump administration on December 18, 2020. There, former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn and Sidney Powell, a lawyer for the Trump administration, were forced to seize. Appoint a voting machine and Mr. Powell as special counsel to work to overturn the election.

Thompson said the panel is also discussing what to do with some of the more famous potential witnesses.

Virginia Thomas, a political activist who pushed to overturn the 2020 elections and the wife of Judge Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court, refused to attempt to interview her, but of witnesses calling “It remains on the committee’s list,” Thompson said. ..

Mr. Thompson also said he continued to talk to reporters, as members had been discussing for months, about whether the panel should try to summon Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence to testify. Has not reached a conclusion on how to proceed.

The panel believes that both men will probably fight attempts to get them to testify, and some lawmakers will distract the public battle for Mr. Trump’s compliance from the actual fact-finding job. I’m worried that it might be.

Mr. Thompson previously stated that the Commission had excluded Mr. Pence’s subpoena, citing “important information” received from two of his aides, Mark Short and Greg Jacob.

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