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Passengers Sigh as Heathrow Caps Numbers to Head Off ‘Airmageddon’

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She felt sympathy for the workers on the ground staff, she said, but experience only confirmed to her that she and her husband had made the right choice to avoid this summer trip. “Maybe next year,” she said. “Never this year.”

After passing the security line, which took about an hour at noon on Wednesday, the crowd seemed to be dispersed, although some passenger problems didn’t stop there.

Eman Martin Vignerte, who was waiting for a flight from London to Stuttgart, Germany, said, “If we could avoid traveling and flying, we had already been canceled twice and had to leave the airport. “. According to her, the delay was “like a tsunami.”

“They really need to have the same level of staff as before Covid,” she said, adding that she wanted the mayhem to be temporary.

Workers say the travel industry is also noteworthy this summer.

“This is the first time I’ve seen this situation,” said Lufthansa pilot Tobi Kelstan, who was traveling from London to Germany. “It’s no longer fun to fly,” said Kirstan, who has been flying for 25 years. Asked about the Heathrow cap for departing passengers, he said he wondered how it would be enforced. “Are there any people counting?” He said gesturing other passengers. “I think it’s a guess.”

He said low wages for ground staff working at airlines were a problem, and the common causes of flight delays at this time are airline workers boarding passengers, unloading bags, refueling, and planes. He added that it was a tight schedule for cleaning. “You are creating endless problems.”

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