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Fatalities in Greenwood Park Mall Shooting in Indiana, Officials Say

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Three people were killed in a mass shooting in a shopping district in Greenwood, Indiana, when another armed individual shot and killed a shooter, city officials said.

Two more people were hospitalized in the shooting, and a man with a rifle and several ammunition entered the food court and began firing, according to Greenwood police chief Jim Ison. Authorities did not indicate the motive for the shooting and did not identify the shooter.

Mayor Mark Myers said late Sunday that the public faced no further threats and Greenwood police were in control of the scene. He asked the public to leave the area.

“I’ve spent most of my life as a police officer,” he said in an interview. “Still, this is very shocking not only for me, but for our entire community.”

Mr. Ison said at a press conference on Sunday that the local emergency call center began receiving calls about the shooting around 6 pm. He said the threat was over when an armed passerby with a pistol stopped the shooter. “The good armed Samaritan seems to have observed the ongoing shooting and shot the shooter.”

He added that investigators and other officials would not handle crime scenes in the mall until the state bomb squad could determine if the “suspicious” backpack left in the mall’s bathroom was dangerous. ..

The police said on facebook They were looking for witnesses to the shootings that took place about 15 miles south of Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Station Said on twitter It helped the local government and urged people to avoid the area.

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