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‘Heart’ Review: First a Starter Marriage, Then Real Love

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At the age of 24, actress and writer Jade Anuka Married. If it were a movie, the first dance would have been ominously set to the theme of “Jaws”. Prior to her wedding, Anouka dismissed the fact that her fiancé bought a ring that didn’t suit her. At the age of 28 she divorced.

The relationship sounds like it had part of the drama — “he’s a beast visited,” Anoka says of her then-husband — but she passes her new autobiographical solo play. Only in evoke it.heart,Presented by audible At the Minetta Lane Theater in Manhattan. A short marriage was just the preamble to something really important: then she fell in love with a woman. It was easy at first, even though she had never had a lesbian relationship. Then it was hard. Then it was easy, or easy again.

Aura Ins’s work can be strangely hard-working, such as when you have to climb up and down a very tall chair. Most of the time it’s distracting. Jen Schriever’s expressive lighting design, on the other hand, does an incredibly effective job.

In fact, Anouca rarely needs to occupy the stage confidently and gracefully when switching between naturalistic storytelling and a more rhythmic and poetic flow of spoken language.

Obviously, the unexpected change in her romantic life was a paradigm shift for her. But at this point, the stories that come out are a well-trodden genre. Over the last few decades, checkpoints have emerged and mandatory scenes have surfaced, making it difficult to step into this familiar terrain in 2022.

I sometimes find the “heart” to be confusingly common. Anoka tends to prefer bromides like “love is love” over the underlying details of the play, perhaps to make the show feel more “universal”.

This begins with her work as an actress. She explains how she couldn’t open herself to her new relationship with her woman, fearing it might affect her career. “I want to continue her work, not just the role of gay,” she tells herself. “I don’t want to be seen different.”

Aside from the fact that stars as big as Kristen Stewart and Tessa Thompson could be openly queered and cast like Princess Diana and Valkyrie in famous movies, the complexities of the actors and spectators’ eyes. Relationships are worth scrutinizing more than Anouca gives.

Oddly enough, this casually charismatic and effortlessly charming performer reflects her past role in scrambling gender expectations, like Ruthkadi, the mighty witch queen of the series “His Dark Materials.” I have not. In her appearance in Phyllida Lloyd’s hit Shakespeare trilogy set in a women’s prison, Anouka simply says she’s embarked on a “good job, a dream role in a company I already love.” .. She accompanies those words with a short shadow boxing that is a reference to her hot spar in “Henry IV.”

No information about Anouka’s family has been released. This is especially frustrating because she demonstrates her ability in Quiksilver to bring her parents to life in a few short scenes. For example, in the classic movement, a new case in which the mother pulls out the Bible when she is told:

As for love interests, she is frustrated and unable to identify details as if she were participating in a witness protection program. If you want to know more, go to YouTube and say “She and herAnouka, a lovely short film made on a smartphone in 2020 for the BBC’s Culture in Quarantine project. It is fixed to all the Quarteydian features we miss in the play.

Until August 14th at the Minetta Lane Theater in Manhattan. Execution time: 1 hour and 10 minutes.

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