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Texas House Report on Uvalde School Shooting Finds ‘Systemic Failures’

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After the report came out, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said the city had begun its own internal investigation after Lieutenant Mariano Pargas, the chief deputy during the shooting, was on leave.

The facts contained in the report also did not prevent the existing gun law, nor the extended background checks passed by Congress in response to the shooting, from obtaining the weapons used by gunman Salvador Ramos. Clarified that it would be.

Called a “school shooter” by some of its peers, the shooter had no history of blocking the purchase of weapons. The Republican-controlled Texas State Parliament has so far not considered legislation limiting firearms in response to Uvalde shootings, and has given much attention to police response and school safety at hearings. ..

The story presented by the Commission added disturbing new details, but was put together by the New York Times and the New York Times, so it doesn’t substantially change the general understanding of what happened at Rob Elementary School. was Other media outlets Over the weeks in the meantime.

Instead, it deepened the sense of reckless law enforcement response.

Police officers gathered on the north and south sides of the classroom where the gunmen were trapped, but they were not in contact with each other, the report found. No one called the principal, even though the school’s police chief, Pete Aledondo, and others were looking for a classroom master key. The usefulness of a dedicated tool for prying doors was tested, but rejected as too dangerous for officers.

From vacation, Uvalde police chief ordered Lieutenant Pargas to set up a command post. Mr Pargas did so at the funeral hall office across the street, but left shortly thereafter. “This did not result in the establishment of an effective command post,” the report found.

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