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Draghi Demands Unity to Stay On as Italy’s Prime Minister

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Rome — Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who offered to resign after a rebellion in his widespread national unity government last week, will stick together for the benefit of the country as a condition for him to stay Wednesday. Challenged the country’s painstaking party.

“If we want to be together, the only way to move forward is to rebuild this agreement from above with courage, altism and credibility,” Draghi said in a speech to the Italian Senate. , Threw a gauntlet prior to the confidence vote. The Senate and House of Representatives on Wednesday and Thursday will determine the fate of his government, especially the stability of most of Italy and Europe during the dilute period.

Draghi said a long applause and heckler, public protests against the continuation of the government were “impossible to ignore” and “Italy is strong when it knows how to unite”, but the political motive is “Unfortunately” led the parties to try to distinguish themselves and weaken their “wish to move forward together.”

Its politics, under Mr Draghi’s leadership, was relatively calm and advanced, and after expanding its influence, put Italy on the brink of instability again and put Italy in response to the war in Ukraine in Europe against Russia. Made it an integral part of the United Front. And efforts to rebuild the economy in a pandemic.

It depends heavily on whether Italian political parties accept Mr Draghi’s offer, especially the Five Star Movement, which caused the current crisis by withholding support last week in an important vote on government spending priorities.

The rebellion prompted Mr Draghi to offer to resign. Italian President Sergio Mattarella refused to resign and asked Draghi to speak in parliament. In parliament, a vote of confidence makes all parties responsible for the decision.

Draghi told Congress Wednesday that the Five Star rebellion meant the “end” of a trust agreement that fueled his government, which was unacceptable. He warned that if a party could do that, everyone could “repeat it” and ransom demands would become the norm for the government to meet narrow political interests.

He said his legitimacy depended on “as much support as possible” because he was appointed Prime Minister of Caretaker and was not directly elected.

“Are you ready to rebuild this agreement?” Draghi repeated several times, concluding that the answer to this question lies with the Italians, not him.

Without the support Draghi sought today, he will resign forever and many analysts believe Mattarella will demand an early election in September.

Draghi’s speech was an effort to avoid the turmoil most likely to result from such a crisis.

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