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Pence Backs Trump Loyalists and Skeptics in House Elections

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Washington-Illinois Republican Rep. Darin LaHood prepared for a backlash from the party’s right-wing base last month as he was preparing to campaign with former Vice President Mike Pence in his district.

Just a few days ago, a House committee investigating January 6, 2021 how Pence resisted President Donald J. Trump’s order to overturn congressional defeat, and how Trump did. The request was endangering the life of the Vice President.

Mr Rafud’s fear of MAGA’s protesters and his hostility to Mr. Pence never came true. According to those who attended, the former Vice President was warmly welcomed by the crowd at a Lincoln Day dinner in Peoria and a private funding lunch with lawmakers in Chicago. However, concerns about how Mr. Pence would be perceived highlighted the nasty dynamics that took hold when the former Vice President was quietly campaigning for Republicans prior to the midterm elections.

House Republicans helped Mr. Trump spread the lie in the election, took Mr. Pence within 40 feet of the mob, and attacked the Capitol in search of his execution. The most coveted support on the campaign trail.

But personally, many of them soon revert to some versions of pre-2016 identities when Mr. Pence was seen on the right as a symbol of conservative strength rather than timidity. If you want, then.

Mr. Pence, who served as a member of the House of Representatives from Indiana for six terms, has been enthusiastic about campaigning for candidates for the House of Representatives, especially in the Midwest. He paves his own viable path for a potential presidential election in 2024, even if it means helping some lawmakers who continue to lie about the elections that threatened him. I want to open up.

Over the past year, Pence has appeared in campaign events for more than 12 MPs and was happy to participate in steak fries, picnics and fundraising activities that could bring $ 500,000 to candidates.

Overall, his aides said he helped raise millions of dollars for Republicans. His alliance with Congressional Republicans will be on display as he speaks at Capitol Hill on Wednesday as a guest of the Republican Research Committee, a conservative caucuse.

Then, on Tuesday night, at the Double Eagle Steakhouse in Del Frisco, Washington, he performed at the “Young Guns” fundraising dinner hosted by Republican California Rep. Kevin McCarthy and a minority leader. Attendees explained that Mr. Pence’s appearance resembled his return home. Mr. Trump was mentioned only in the context of discussing “Trump Pence’s achievements.”

“Most Republican executives will need people who like and support both men,” Republican pollster Whit Ayres said of Pence and Trump. “I find it difficult to win most elections with just one supporter,” he added. “We are beyond cognitive dissonance.”

Mr. Rafud, who was supported by Mr. Trump, 120 or more House Republicans, who signed a proceeding led by the Texas Attorney General, called on the Supreme Court to essentially invalidate the results of elections in major swing states. Congressmen finally voted on January 6 to confirm Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory.

However, Indiana Republican Jim Banks, who invited Mr. Pence this week, voted against proof of the election results, in unison with the majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives. Still, weeks after the Capitol raid, Banks and another group of conservative lawmakers who supported Mr. Trump’s efforts to nullify parliamentary defeat met Mr. Pence. Mr Banks thanked the Vice President for his role he played that day to prove the outcome of the election, even if a crowd of violent protesters threatened to hang him.

At the time, Mr Banks said Mr Pence was in a unique position to unite the Republicans after violence, and the former Vice President needed to be the party’s flag bearer. Of anonymity.

But a few months later, Mr. Banks The photo has been posted From Bedminster, a golf club in Trump, NJ, he thumbs up with the former president.

“Make America great again,” he wrote as a caption.

Mr. Banks’ spokesman did not respond to emails or texts.

Recently, Pence has coordinated with McCarthy and the National Republican Campaign Committee, the House race he wants to target. He is most interested in the Midwestern campaign and is asking the Commission for contact information for the campaign in the region of the country he represented.

Unlike Mr. Trump, who has swooped into the mega rally and remains the biggest “acquisition” for candidates, Mr. Pence’s campaign activities are often small and quiet, attracting national media attention. It is rarely done, sometimes in a closed room.

In February, Pence raised money on Long Island for New York Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin, who is running for governor, Trump’s close ally, who voted against proof of the 2020 election results. gone.

“It will never ensure that we know the exact result,” Zeldin said. Republican primaryMr. Trump insisted on a lie that perpetuated that he was the winner of the 2020 elections.

Iowa Republican Randy Feenstra, like the majority of other Republicans, voted against the creation of an independent committee to investigate the January 6 attack, calling Pence. Headliner A photo of the first picnic hosted by his family in Iowa last summer.

Mr. Pence spoke to a crowd gathered around a folding table covered with red and white checkered cloth and described serving with Mr. Trump as “the greatest honor of my life.” ..

“Under the leadership of President Donald Trump,” he told the crowd, Republicans proved that “you can achieve it if you stand firmly and do not retreat from conservative principles.” The crowd applauded.

Utah Republican Rep. Burgess Owens Said “There is no doubt in my heart that I think he won,” referring to Mr. Trump’s false allegations in the 2020 elections. Earlier this month, Mr. Pence found a fundraiser for his reelection campaign in Park City.

Mr. Pence is also willing to help Republican candidates who have clashed with the former president, even if he confronts Mr. Trump.

On Wednesday, Pence will support Carlin Taylor Robson in the Governor of Arizona elections and will campaign for her this week. Mr. Trump supported her rival, Calilake. Kali Lake is a former local television caster who runs a campaign based on the lies of the former president’s election.

Last year, Mr. Pence campaigned for Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia. In contrast, Mr. Trump hired former Senator David Perdue to challenge Mr. Kemp. Offended him by not working to overturn the 2020 elections.. (Mr. Pence’s longtime top aide and former Chief of Staff Mark Short also joined. Kemp Campaign As a senior advisor. )

Pence also supported the formation of a bipartisan committee to investigate the January 6 attack, and Mariannette Miller-Meeks of the Republican Iowa, the only member of the state legislature not approved by Trump. Campaigned for parliamentarians.

“When he’s here, he’s been very well received,” said Miller Meeks, who also seeks Trump’s help.

“I voted for Trump in both 2016 and 2020, and I support his policy,” she said. “I don’t think I’m hostile to the former president.”

Mr. Pence is particularly absent from the race involving Mr. Trump’s most hostile House of Commons Republicans. January 6th, Vice-Chairman of the Committee, Rep. Liz Cheney Difficult battle for reelection In Wyoming. Mr. Chaney called Pence a “hero” for confronting Mr. Trump’s pressure campaign.

Mr. Trump supports Mr. Chainy’s rival Harriet Hageman, and Mr. Pence has not participated in the contest.

Elsewhere, Mr. Pence quietly backed lawmakers who had criticized Mr. Trump. Nebraska Republican Rep. Don Bacon aroused the anger of the former president last year by blaming his actions and supporting a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Pence campaigned for Bacon last September.

“There were some pretty hardcore Trump people in the crowd,” Bacon recalled. “I get some of them on social media that are critical of Pence, but I think he can still appeal to a lot of people. He will be a great leader in the party.”

However, many Republicans are wary of offending Mr. Trump and keep such feelings on themselves.

Florida Republican and Banks’ close ally, Congressman Kat Cammack, said there was no ambiguity about where his loyalty lies.

“It’s pretty clear that the bank has been affiliated with President Trump since day one,” she said.

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