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Draghi Offers Resignation for 2nd Time

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Rome — Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi has offered to resign again on Thursday. His National Unity Government the day after the last effort to persuade the country’s painstaking political parties for the benefit of the country failed brilliantly and the nationalist and populist troops reunited with the deadly torpedo.

Draghi said in a statement from President Sergio Mattarella’s office that he “offered to resign again” (second time in just over a week), adding that Mattarella “paid attention” to the decision. Meanwhile, “the government continues to be in charge of normal operations.”

Mattarella refused to resign last week in the hope that Draghi could be persuaded to be with Italy’s fierce political parties. “If we want to be with you, the only step is to rebuild the deal from above with courage, altruism and credibility,” Draghi said in a proceeding to Congress on Wednesday. Insisted and shot it.

However, as the elections approached, Italian political parties did not move forward, exploding and gaining political dominance, a government that was widely regarded as one of the most stable, effective and influential Italian governments for many years. I decided to take power.

The effective collapse of Mr Draghi’s government has devastated both Italy and Europe. Already on Thursday, financial markets have responded negatively to Mr. Dragi’s imminent resignation, which helped save the euro and increased investor confidence in his debt through the power of his trust. Country loaded with.

Draghi’s politician-like height entered Italy’s short golden age after taking office as Caretaker Prime Minister in 2021. In a speech on Wednesday, he said Italy was able to get out of the worst stage by a broader unified coalition. The pandemic quickly injects funding to those in need and reduces “useless bureaucracy.”

He also listed major overhauls in various areas, including an increase in energy self-sufficiency from Russia, which he called “essential for the modernization of Italy”, with Rome already from the European Commission at € 45.9 billion ( It said it received about $ 47 billion). A recovery fund, an additional € 21 billion, is on the way.

Under Mr Draghi, Italy envisioned a much larger footprint in Europe. He persuaded a country that has historically been closely and economically linked to Russia, took a strong position in favor of Ukraine with its weapons, and played a leading role in granting Kyiv’s application for accession to the European Union, Russia. Condemns the invasion of Ukraine and punishes Moscow with sanctions.

Many supporters of Draghi argue that the injection of this stability and capacity into Italian politics, and the moderation needed to cooperate in the National Unity Government, essentially inoculated the country from the heat of its people. Did.

Instead, Italy went to the election. There, the most popular politician, Giorgia Meloni, led a party with neo-fascist roots, soaring in popularity in voting, from less than 5% in the last election in 2018 to 22%. ..

Unlike Mr. Meloni, who fired a campaign bomb from the opposition, her nominal ally, the league party Matteo Salvini, raised the country to satisfy his parental base in the north, who preferred Draghi. I was in the unity government. ..

But as the elections approached on Wednesday, Salvini’s patience diminished, prompting Draghi’s government to collapse, apparently returning to the foundation of the campaign, regaining the popularity that Meloni had gained from him, and he showed him. Should be the next prime minister of the country that has shown that.

Whoever leads, Salvini and Meloni have an alliance with former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, and elections could take place as early as the end of September or early September. October.

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