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Why Hot wifes loves cuckold husbands ? Deep Kamasutra analysis with Hot story

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Please excuse my tardy response; I just saw this inquiry. Other than my husband, guys made up the majority of what has been a terrific sexual pleasure ride. He was so preoccupied with his work that he was never able to develop the typical/natural link between love and sex. He is fantastic in bed, yet he doesn’t feel envious, jealous, or possessive of me or our sex. On the floor in front of him while he watched the Super Bowl, I had sex with one of his pals. After 15 minutes, I was breathing loudly and grunting out my orgasms, and the guy I was screwing was still going strong at 45 minutes, which quickly became my favourite.

His friend had a strong orgasm and ejaculated in me, but he quickly resumed pumping strongly after a few minutes of slow pumping! He yelled, “Ohhhhh shiiiiiit Barbie, I love fucking you!” when he got off in me again. You are the best and my favourite fuck, I told him.

One would assume that everyone would respond to hearing those words. not my spouse. We were told to be quiet or “go back to fucking in the guest room” as he turned up the music.

I enquired of him his opinion of my playing “Hotwife.” He required an explanation of it! He respects me and is aware of my hunger because our married sex is unrelated to my physical wants. Although he gave his OK, he added, “For safety’s sake, I want you to always do it here so that I won’t have to worry about you.” He gave me a hug, and I left for Walmart. I struck up a conversation with a tall, attractive college student there, and in the backseat of our SUV with tinted windows, I dealt him the blow of his life. He ejaculated so much during the course of about ten minutes that I nearly choked on it, but I managed to swallow it all by bit by piece.The young man asked for my phone number, but I told him that our interaction was one-time only. He yearned to go back so much! I gave him a kiss and introduced myself. He was unable to recall it! I offered to masturbate with him, and I left before he did! When he claimed he was going to cum, I put my mouth over his cock and took his second ejaculation. That was the only thing I did for him. Moreover, it was quite heavy!

During this time, when the original CraigsList was still active, it was much simpler to find nice guys for casual sex. Every night for seven days, I scheduled a lover, and we spent the entire time on our fold-out couch while my husband watched (and read the newspaper!) One man, who was older than the two of us, spent more than an hour shaming me. It was a lot, and I even experienced two “assgasms” and I can’t even count how many orgasms. He extended our initial Hotwife encounter into a lengthy, intense lovemaking session, cupping twice, and continuing until I passed out.

This phase took place while the original CraigsList was still operational and it was much simpler to locate nice guys for casual sex. My husband watched (and read the newspaper!) while I set up a lover for each night for seven days as we performed all of our activities on our fold-out couch. One older man spent more than an hour simply putting the heat on me. There were a number of orgasms, including two “assgasms” from what I can recall. For more than an additional hour, he transformed a routine Hotwife encounter into an intensely passionate lovemaking session, cupping twice before I passed out.

He was amazing. I must have phoned him twenty times, and every call was just as wonderful as the first!

I’ll say it now. When I met my spouse, I had just turned 18 and was still a virgin. He also got me other things, like a sizable Kama Sutra bath and body collection, along with the book “The Sensuous Woman.” He showed me how to pump my pelvis in time with his thrusting and how to rotate my hips.We used to perform it repeatedly while in the “Missionary Position,” kissing and conversing the entire time. He was kind, kissed a lot, and is long and thick enough to bottom out or run out of thrusting room when he was on top of me, which caused me to have an orgasm the first time we had sex.

One day, I simply declared my desire for extramarital sex. Think of me being fucked like this while you watch me drive guys crazy, I said. I understand what you are feeling and why, so if you can find a friend I can trust, by all means do so, but always stay here at home, he retorted. I don’t care if you sleep on our bed or in the guest room. All day long, we engaged in some form of sexual activity, and I continued saying “thank you” to him for his support and love.

That was the “go-ahead,” and that weekend I had my first two lovers separately. I was so content and wanted that I have only used condoms maybe 5 or 6 times overall since I detest them. Additionally, when they are inside of me, they steal the nicest pleasures I can give them. I’ve now had well over 100 lovers, and I’ve had all different sorts of foreplay (or rubbish for foreplay), with all different sizes of men. I usually ask them to set aside two hours so there’s no rush, and I can honestly say I’ve sucked and swallowed every single one of them.The sex always lasts a lot longer and it sounds like their orgasms are much more strong when they get off in my mouth and are eventually ready to fuck me. After I gave him his first swallowed blowjob, I had a 19-year-old man who could still take me four more times before we both became fatigued. After the blowjob, I promised him he could contact me whenever as long as the call was passionate, even if we only had two fucks. Over a year and a half or so, I had that person in me maybe close to one hundred times.We only paused to converse because we were both drenched in perspiration at that point. He had a girlfriend for a few months, but the sex was always better with me. I called him back after telling him that was unfair to a wonderful girl. He should have known better than to just show up!

The Hotwife game has given me the chance to really let go, and I’ve always let them take the initiative. The only restriction is no physical contact or anal intercourse, but a lot of guys enjoy spending a lot of time kissing, nibbling, sucking, and licking my back (I have a few bite marks that are permanent scars), my butt cheeks, and getting their tongues on and in my ass. It’s not filthy at all, and I usually take a shower before a guy comes over.I’ll admit that I feel a little bad for inviting so many married men home. They are the males who enjoy eating my ass the most since their spouses object to it. When I explain how to make me cum just eat my ass to the guys, they become all fired up. Some men have successfully given their wives powerful orgasms by convincing them to get past the butthole-licking inhibition. Many of the men tell me that their wives have questioned where they learned to do it. Most people, in my opinion, inform her about it through books, publications, or—especially—the Internet.

I’ve had affairs with lovers just to see how big their erect cock was. Ladies, I can assure you that there are many White men with abnormally enormous monster cocks. There is a zero in that column because I personally have no interest in Black men. I’ve had maybe ten guys with cocks that measured 9 to 10 inches and some that were as thick as pop cans. In between my orgasms, I like the pressure of their cock filling my insides to the point where I can hear and feel them experiencing theirs.Most kept pumping after cupping in me, I guess because their cock fills up the space, and as a result, come poured out all over my legs, stomach, and butt like a river (which I like since it’s so sensual!) and matted down my landing strip. It spills back upon them as well, but when they finally manage to escape from me, I’ll kiss my way there and do what I can to clean up for them. After that, most still give me passionate kisses! Stop it, lads!

I’ve also had the most sex with cocks that are average or smaller in size. No, they don’t go as deep, but they feel amazing anyway! I constantly tell them how great they make me feel, and the compliment causes them to pulse inside of me. All of my favourite cocks must be circumcised and are between 7-8 inches in length with a 6″ girth. That is the standard since I am an all-American girl. I’ve performed handjobs on large uncircumcised dicks because I enjoy watching men ejaculate after giving them a satisfying orgasm. I have a personal rule that prohibits me from engaging in sexual activity with a man if I don’t suck and swallow him.

I have a bisexual desire and have been with about 50 women, but I prefer males and my husband is one. Women who are married and who have bisexual desires come to us because their angry, insecure husbands won’t even consider them with another woman. EVERY woman we have met is a result of a referral from a friend. My spouse always engages in physical contact with trios that the women must start. Most women have never had a cock that size, and they adore how thick it is.Some people have even become so aroused while sucking him that they forget to use their “dumb brake,” and we’ve even had images taken of them performing a “69” with him and wrapping their tongues around him despite their limitations. He belongs to the group of men who will never receive a “deep throat” blow job. Everyone tries and fails, including myself. Unanimously, every female, even ALL the married ones, has swallowed my husband’s come when they give him head, which surprises us given how many of our normal married women either can’t or their husbands don’t want them to. We don’t condone married ladies criticising their husbands in any way, but approximately a dozen have admitted to using us as a vent.

Dear Man: The main beef that ladies have with men is that they don’t shave the shaft of their cock and their sack and don’t clip back their pubic hair (scrotum). When we first met married women, they were shocked and delighted to see how smooth my husband was from head to toe, even his butt (apply Nair to prevent ingrown butt hairs!). Even though he wasn’t into it, she spent close to 45 minutes licking and sucking his balls and cock until she fulfilled her desire of giving him a “rim job.”She always wants to start by rimming him for approximately 30 minutes when she visits for some reason. She treats me the same way. According to her, her husband’s penis is buried beneath a thick mass of “man hair,” barely average in size and low in girth. He considers it “gay” when a man trims his pubic and male butt hair. She attempted but eventually gave up. Since “Hey, I gave you five kids,” they hardly ever engage in sexual activity. I gave it my all. If she were to divorce him, she would forfeit the extravagantly large home and all the pricey possessions he keeps her in.

She has sometimes visited our home every night for a week, but all she wanted was for my husband to kiss, hold, eat, and fuck her so hard and long that she could not handle another orgasm. However, after that, she found that playing with his cum and feeling more feminine and attractive than her husband ever has. One day, I wasn’t around when she came around. Without me present, my spouse will never engage in any sexual activity. They spent an hour and a half only kissing, stroking, and undressing one another after he contacted me to say she was there.She is aware of our restriction, so occasionally all she asks for from him are passionate kisses and his sensual undressing of her so she can be held while his hands caress her skin. He once almost made a mistake with her when he applied one of my lotions all over her to make her feel more at ease. Boy howdy, her spouse at home quickly detected the aroma! She tried to hide it by telling him that she had been rubbing her hands, feet, and arms at the mall because they were so dry. Even if my husband was foolish, her husband was worse. When he gave her his customary peck of a kiss, he didn’t even stroke her skin or tell her she smelled wonderful. By 7:00 p.m., she was back at our residence.He “made love” and “deep dicked” her for about 90 minutes after his normal excellent oral job from head to toe, and I didn’t even get more engaged than talking. She began to cry as he was cupping inside of her and kissing her because she only has so much time with us before returning to her normal role as a housewife. After the two of them kissed and chatted about how he made her feel like a lady again, she pulled up her pants and we all noticed that she eventually had a “gravity run out” and had a wet spot from front to back instead of hopping in the shower or at least emptying out. She never explained to us why she did that.

Please keep in mind that we do not condone wives having extramarital affairs, even if it involves my husband!Every time, we have a lengthy conversation with them and ask them to think twice about what they were about to do and all the potential risks involved. Even if it is our first time together, NO WOMAN HAS EVER BEEN TURNED AWAY from a 3-some with us or sex with my husband. The woman must be acquainted with and “recommended” to us by another woman who we trust and with whom we have sex. My spouse will strongly encourage them to consider their marriage and children (boyfriends don’t count until it’s a fiancée) after having a lengthy conversation with her on the phone or in person.After our conversation, SHE must take the initiative with him, but with me, it’s acceptable because most women want to be with other women, and “cheating” with another girl doesn’t count. NOT TRUE but is readily defended!

My spouse is never harsh with them unless they complain, but one married 38-year-old woman had only spoken briefly with her husband. Despite having two children, she had never had a kiss that deep, and his girth stretched muscles she had never experienced during sex. Lubrication was not an issue because he had even descended on her while paying close attention and made her cum four times, then four more, this was also a first.Every woman understands how deep even an average penis will go because he was on top of her and fucking her from behind! Pull my fucking hair and bite my neck and back under my hair, she commanded him. He fulfilled her request. She yelled, “Fucking harder!” as he was cumming in her. Give it to me everything, please! And he did.

Eat my fucking pussy!” she exclaimed, shocking us. Organize your cum! Wow! He pressed the “release button” despite the fact that she was plainly sexually repressed. Since it was the first time, we naturally wanted her to return, so he obliged and gave her another orgasm. She entered the restroom when they were done. She was there for a lot longer than we anticipated. I had to use the key to open the door after I knocked on it. On the tub, she was completely naked, her mascara dripping all over her face and onto the pricey rug. Shit! I questioned her to see if she liked it or if perhaps she was wounded. She claimed that the benefit was also the issue because I knew I’ll want it again.

Whoa! Those biting marks were very bad. I told her to come out whenever she felt ready and was able to speak as I filled the tub with bubble bath, lighted a candle, and turned off the light.

See? I understand feeling bad, and even though I’m the “Hotwife” to both men and women, I owe it to them to talk to me and feel better than I did in bed! To make it less obvious that they have been fucking another lady or couple, I boil tea, prepare some snacks, and advise them to take a shower. To reassure them, I always speak with them, give them kisses, wrap my arms around them, and say thank you for the pleasure they provided me. I also always ask them to speak with me again. Most do.

Then comes the “aftercare” for the husband. The door to the guest room is usually open, so if I’ve been with a guy, he can hear everything. So that they don’t feel self-conscious, he will sneak in and observe without the other man seeing. Regardless of how long I remain there, he has two favourite areas. It must be his “kink,” I suppose. When I’m pushing the man into me while he’s on top of me. They slowly and respectfully press inside me, always being nice and kind. I can’t help it; as soon as I feel them fully penetrate, I let out a loud breath and a grunting noise.Usually, the guy kisses me while laying on top of me, and then he starts pumping while I move along with him and look into his eyes.

My spouse will wink at me once the pumping has begun and then go back to watching TV or reading. Guys are obvious with their breathing and small noises as he begins to build his orgasm inside of me. When my husband hears that, he occasionally comes back to witness the guy’s little white butt rising and falling while also catching a glimpse of the guy’s cock in me. I may rake the guy’s back and the back of their neck if they are really pushing themselves and gushing about how fantastic it feels, occasionally causing blood to appear in the scrapes. He enjoys hearing and observing the guy cumming in me and how the cum occasionally leaks out and slides down my butt.

Nearly always, I cum like the guy does. NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I FAKED AN ORGASM!

My husband finds the guy having an orgasm and cupping in me, especially if he keeps pounding nonstop. It’s very sexy if the guy’s cum flows down his shaft and onto his balls if I’m on top and make him cum in me. He likes to see me slide up and down. When the person is finished, my husband returns to watching TV.He likes it when I sit on his face and compliment the other person after he departs, if I start the conversation. I don’t understand why he and the majority of other men find it so difficult to go down on a lady who already has their own cum in her, yet my husband and other men will go down there with the other man’s come occasionally trickling onto him due to gravity. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand guys!

I’ll leave you with the image of the child sobbing in our bathtub. She took a 20-minute soak before getting out with a towel in her hand. I sat on the bed with her and we chatted. She started kissing me before unbuttoning my blouse. I want to see you and hold you so that my skin meets yours, she added. lovely and a little lyrical. She and I kissed and massaged each other while my husband watched television. If she could “69” with me, she enquired. I stopped her and questioned her about everything, including whether she had thought about her husband and family. She was determined to succeed. This is my first fantasy fulfilment!

She tried her best despite being uneasy by hugging my face and touching my flesh. She was dripping with moisture. I was aware of how wet I was as well. She stooped over and simply burrowed her face into my. I had to warn her to tread carefully. She eventually found her beat, and it was fantastic. It took me about ten minutes, but I eventually got her to cum and kept moving from front to back. She put TWO fingers inside me while precisely kissing me and massaged the appropriate area. We both experienced extremely loud and strong orgasms almost simultaneously. My husband was watching TV, but I knew he could hear everything.

She crept around and laid on after saying she was too sensitive to go on. My mom’s boobs are being squeezed and kissed by my left side. She asked me, “Can I fuck your husband again?” and I was SHOCKED. We spoke once more, but she was skilled in her work. With it, I was OK. I went outside to the den and questioned him about doing her once more. He said he didn’t want to bring more tears, but it seemed more like he was bored or complacent. He was so nice. I lifted him and grabbed his shirt off. When I finally pulled down his shorts, he was clearly not bored! I gave him my head for a short while. I believe I was speaking to him.

I escorted him to the room before entering the master bathroom in the back to have a bath. I switched on music, locked all the doors, and took a bath with my eyes closed. Later, my husband revealed to me that she found their alone to be more thrilling. It bothered him that. She rubbed his cock and requested that he make love to her or fuck her if she pleased. He chose the method of “lovemaking” slowly. He pumped slowly but effectively, causing her to groan or say something like “Geeuh.” She experienced her first orgasm and started biting his neck and trapezius muscle.

He admitted it was enjoyable. Then she said in a low voice, “Goodness, you are much larger than my husband. I admire how thick you are and how far inside me I can feel the head of your cock.

I can’t fall in love with you, but I’ve never felt better about my spouse, she said softly. Would it be possible for me to rejoin you both if I came here daily? You fill me up, and my heart beats as it should for a woman. Until we all spoke afterwards, he didn’t truly answer. He was to be treated “doggy style,” she said.Because it might hurt from earlier, he was cautious. It pained me, she cried, “Fucking!” Pull my hair, please! Your whore, I am! Whoa!! She was once more crying when I returned to the room and he was striking her like a dog. I said, “Oh no.” She almost had an orgasmic scream when he gave it to her, which made me stop thinking he was giving it to her too hard.

As I heard her say, “Get on top of me and be my lover,” I moved toward the kitchen. I desire your cum. If I could have this whenever I wanted it, I’d have a child with you! Make fun of her. For fifteen years, he’s been neutered! She started to orgasm again, and my husband then announced that he was going to “fill her cunt.” But even in the height of passion, that troubled me. He had just started cupping her when I returned to the room. She felt “so tight around his cock” as his butt was being squeezed really tightly, and he was shivering as he said this.” She said that she was coughing before yelling startlingly loudly. His come was now gushing out of her as he continued to pound into her for as long as he could. She wrapped her legs around him after he stopped thrusting and held his butt cheek to prevent him from escaping. Just as she commanded him to “bite my neck and both my tits,” he bent over and kissed her. You fucked me like I deserved, goddamn you!

He bit down and sucked in as much of each boob as he could until she told him to stop. After that, she said, “Bite my pussy hair!” He did what she requested since he believed the hair that was growing back would cover it. She wanted him to bite her ass too as she giggled. At that point, I intervened, gave her a kiss, and signalled for my husband to leave. It was similar to a cork popping out of a barrel as his cock emerged from her. Without cleaning up, she reached to put her panties on. I was concerned that my hubby was being duped.As I dragged her toward the bathroom while kissing her the entire way, I swiftly turned on the shower. My husband suggested we give it another shot, but I had already made up my mind to end things with her. Thus, we shall. All the biting and hickey stuff baffles me, but we’ll go in. some days.

Being a Hotwife is all about enjoying yourself sexually and making it so great that the guys keep coming back. Being discreet in real life means avoiding flashy jewellery advertisements. Have a list of men you have amazing sexual activity with but don’t feel any affection for! Have a husband that is very understanding and respects that it is for you alone but he can observe. Not in terms of three ways. Although I have a tremendous desire for anonymous cock, the risk is too great. I’m having one of the large cocks who also knows how to pleasure over tomorrow night (9-11-2021). I’m going to use our room because he wants to have me alone and without my husband around.I only need to feel satisfied and content without considering the guy. If it’s very wonderful, I’ll tell him that the next time, we’ll fuck on the floor in front of my husband, and I’ll ask him to clean me up first before moving on to the other guy. Hopefully intriguing. If not, I’ll make it up to you by meeting up with a 21-year-old guy on Sunday afternoon. Being a real Hotwife comes with a lot of duties, but in the end, it’s all about me!

Enough! Please, if you don’t want a FULL answer, don’t ask me. I welcome any inquiries, particularly from married women who wish to test the Hotwife concept. It is the key. It’s the death toll. It’s all about having more meetings. I feel very fortunate and delighted that my hubby is who he is!

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