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Do these things, to take your Sex to next level

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Do these things, to take your Sex to next level .

Many people are very calm during sex, they are not able to share their feelings openly. Keep in mind that along with sharing your feelings during sex, talking dirty is very beneficial. Everything is better and more exciting when having sex. Talking during sex becomes even more fun when you have sex with your partner at that time. Certain sexual words and expressions can enhance the sensuality in sex. So, it is always a good idea to have sex and dirty talk with your partner to get an excited feeling. Here we are telling you some such things, which you can say to your partner during sex.

Give right direction :

‘Tell me what I can do for you.’ Asking this can make your partner feel a lot better. Because you are asking them to guide you on how to have sex. When you tell your partner what excites you and what doesn’t, having sex becomes more satisfying for you.

Describe your happiness :

‘It sounds amazing!’ Learn to describe your happiness to your partner. Encouraging them to do such things during sex, so that you can enjoy the moment by reaching the top of your feeling.

Praise and talk up :

‘Keep doing it, you’re great at it.’ Who doesn’t want to hear praise that hints at you being a sex god? Along with improving your confidence, praise can also improve your skills in sex. The more praise you hear during sex, the better the sex. But remember, don’t be overly arrogant during sex.

Take care of kissing style :

Kissing can be soft, smooth or rough, but kissing always makes you feel special. ‘I want to kiss every part of your body.’ Saying this, your partner will look melting on every kiss you give.

Use sexy words :

Every time you both reach the climax or orgasm, use some sexy words that double the fun. There can be acts like shouting while talking dirty in the middle of sex, showing yourself too excited or sexist. For many people it is a sex fantasy.

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