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Older Generations Are Reclaiming Rites of Passage

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Nancy Lyne, a gerontologist and marriage and family therapist in Mill Valley, California, suggests that about 40 seniors spend hours of reflection and reflection, preparing and processing the rituals of later life, including art and music. “They’re looking at heritage, life reviews, inventory,” she said. “It’s that search, that meditative practice.” The oldest such client is 81. I was old.

Chris Govar turned 70 this spring and is still mourning his wife, Vicki Govers, who died just weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019. “I was a boat without a tether,” said his Govaars, a former Bay Area architectural consultant. “I was struggling trying to find the next step.”

he ran into Aging Awareness Center, founded by Ron Pevney, author of Conscious Living, Conscious Aging, decided to attend a week-long retreat at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Spiritual practices, exercises and discussions.

For his supreme ritual, called ‘Solitary Journey’, Mr. Govar chose a private location on the river bank. After passing through a portal formed by two trees (and encountering a bobcat), he fasted, remained silent, read poetry, kept a diary, and created a “legacy” for his two children. wrote a letter. “I spent a lot of time thinking and meditating,” he said deeply. impressed by the experience.

“I hope that results in a greater sense of well-being and a sense of purpose,” he explained. “I feel much more introspective. I open up and listen. I may look the same, but I’m not.”

In addition to helping people see old age as a stage of life with purpose and rewards, rituals for the elderly have implications for others. , Leardi pointed out.

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