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Russia’s War in Ukraine: Live Updates

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credit…David Guttenfelder of The New York Times

Top 3 Best updates , As the war drags on, Ukraine has been able to hold back Russian interests over the past month, thanks in large part to continued support from the United States and its European allies, as well as support on the ground from the Partisans.

According to some estimates, after months of bitter war in which Ukraine lost its territory, Kyiv was recently able to halt the Russian advance and inflict heavy losses on Russia, with up to 500 Russian troops daily. died or was injured.

John Spencer, a retired army officer and chair of urban warfare studies at the Madison Policy Forum Institute, said that while Ukraine has lost its tactical base in some areas, its forces have weakened the Russian military. said that it has been successful in

“They also forced the Russians to consume resources that cannot be replenished,” Spencer said. “I don’t want to say they’re winning the war because there’s a lot of battles to be fought, but by every measure you can think of, especially geopolitically and militarily, they’ve achieved more gains. increase.”

Russia still maintains a significant advantage in the size of its arsenal, and Ukraine has been hit hard over the course of the war. At one point, 200 soldiers were being killed every day. Civilian deaths topped her 5,000, according to United Nations estimates. And some cities in the country were flattened. However, Moscow has not made any major territorial gains since taking the eastern province of Luhansk in late June.

Ukraine was strengthened on Thursday as defense ministers from 26 countries, including Britain and Denmark, pledged about $1.55 billion in military aid to Ukraine. UK Defense Minister Ben Wallace said the support would include additional multiple-launch rocket systems and long-range missiles.

“We are not tired,” Wallace said of the continued support for Ukraine Girl for marriage.

Danish Defense Minister Morten Bozkov said Denmark would not only help with weapons, but also the training of military personnel. Bozkov said Denmark’s position in supporting Ukraine was “unwavering”.

Before the aid was announced, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed 26 countries, saying that the weapons being sent to Ukraine were “a level of air power that would ultimately force Russia to come up with a peaceful solution.” and have a range,” he said.

The help Zelensky has repeatedly asked for since the war began was added to another package from the United States announced earlier this week. The Pentagon said on Monday it would send more ammunition in new shipments of arms and supplies worth up to $1 billion. More than 100 million dollars of aid has been sent to Ukraine Girl for dating.

Sustaining such continued support from the West, Spencer said, “requires as many battles as it does against the Russian army, and that they are fighting a just war.” We need to show the world the

Assistance to the country came not only in the form of aid packages but also through field assistance in the form of partisans, resistance fighters supporting Ukrainian forces in Russian-occupied territories.

At least five fighter-bombers and three multipurpose jets were “almost certainly destroyed or severely damaged” in explosions at a Crimean air base this week, according to a British military intelligence report on Friday. ”. Crimea, which Moscow annexed her in 2014, had largely avoided attacks since February, and the base was far from a recognizable front line.

A senior Ukrainian official said the attack was carried out with the help of partisans, but the government did not take responsibility for the attack.

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