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Burning or severe pain while urinating? Know what is the problem in the body?

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Burning or severe pain while urinating?

Top 3 Best UTI treatments. There are many people who have to face pain while passing urine. There can be many reasons for the pain while passing urine. Sometimes it can also be a sign of a serious problem. So let us know for what reasons you may feel pain while passing urine.

Do you also feel burning and pain while passing urine? If so, it could be a sign of a much bigger problem. There are many people who have to face the problem of pain while passing urine at some point of time. Regarding this, Lakisha Richardson, a gynecologist in Mississippi, said that 30 percent of the patients who come to her have to face pain while passing urine.

Pain while passing urine can be a sign of a variety of infections that require treatment to cure. In such a situation, it is very important to know that due to which reasons one has to face pain while passing urine. Let us know the reason behind this – Urinary tract infection – Anyone can face a urinary tract infection. But this infection is seen more in women. Due to this infection, women face pain while passing urine. Doctors says This infection occurs when bacteria enter your bladder through the urine pipe. After reaching the bladder, these bacteria start growing very fast and make urine acidic. Due to this, you feel burning when you pass urine. In case of a UTI along with pain, while passing urine, you feel the need to pass urine again and again. Cloudy urine and small urine symptoms are also seen when there is a UTI.

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) – If you have pain while passing urine and it is not a UTI, then you may have a sexually transmitted infection. There are many women who mistake the signs of an STI for a UTI. Doing this can prove to be risky at times because it is very important to treat STI as soon as possible. Signs of STI include- Itching in the private part Change in vaginal discharge Blisters or sores in the vagina. Cystitis- Cystitis is a problem in which there is inflammation in the bladder. In many cases, the problem of cystitis has to be faced due to bacterial infection. Due to this there is pain while passing urine. With the help of medicines and treatment, the problem of cystitis can be dealt with. Find a walk-in clinic asap.

Kidney infection news– If you are having pain and bleeding while passing urine, then it means that your urine infection is affecting the kidneys. This can prove to be quite dangerous. Other symptoms of kidney infection include fever, abdominal pain and chills. If kidney infection is not treated on time, it can lead to admission in the hospital. Kidney infection can spread throughout your blood, which proves to be very dangerous. Kidney and bladder stones- When the minerals present in the urine stick together and crystallize, it is called a stone. Stones can occur in both your kidney and bladder. But when the stones present in the bladder start irritating the lining of the bladder or the stones present in the kidney get stuck in the wrong place, it blocks the flow of urine, due to which you have to pass urine and at other times also in the stomach. It hurts too much. When the size of the stone is small, doctor near me usually recommend drinking more amount of water so that it comes out with urine, but if it is not easily removed then it has to be removed through operation.

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