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12 new and outrageous foods to try at the CNE Toronto this year (PHOTOS)

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Top 3 Best Movies at CNE :It’s been two years since we got CNE’s infamous Carnival meal, but it’s making a comeback in a big way on August 19th.

“It’s the best time of year for carnival food gourmets,” reads the press release.

Dishes Toronto had the pleasure of taste-testing the stacked selection of mouth-watering options this year.

cinnamon curd crunch

Itay Buenahora/Daily Hive News

The King of Curds delivers this punch of sweetness featuring fried cheese curds topped with cinnamon sugar, cream cheese icing, famous cereal crumbs, and cinnamon toast crunch.

vendor: king of cards

cookie butter frit

Itay Buenahora/Daily Hive

Dutch Fritto’s Cookie Butter Fritto is a must for sweet-toothed French fries lovers. World-famous freshly cut French fries topped with caramel, cinnamon and hearty spices and finished with a butter cookie.

vendor: Dutch frites

spice cream

Itay Buenahora/Daily Hive

“Fire and ice, and try twice” is this vendor’s motto, fair warning, but this is a spicy one. I tried the Peach Mango Spice Ice Cream from Caf-Eh-TO. Definitely a big kick for those looking to spice up their day.

vendor: Caf-Eh-TO

Tim Hortons CNE Exclusive Sweet Treats

Itay Buenahora/Daily Hive

Itay Buenahora/Daily Hive

Tim Hortons joined the party for this year’s festival line-up featuring off-menu items exclusive to CNE. The first item is the Cookies & Cream Tin Bits Poutine that explodes with sweetness in every bite. Matcha vanilla croissant, matcha coconut dream donut. This is an official petition to create these permanent menu items!

vendor: Tim Hortons

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Smash Burger

Itay Buenahora/Daily Hive

I mean, wow. If you’re feeling “hot, hot,” Bacon Nation has you covered with a crumbled cheeseburger topped with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, extra-thick bacon, and all the ingredients. It’s topped with crumbs, so have a drink ready.

If you want another iteration of theirs, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos offers a breaded, 24-hour marinated fried chicken sandwich.

vendor: bacon nation

2 foot long tacos

Itay Buenahora/Daily Hive

you read that right. 2 foot long tacos. The super-sized tacos resemble the length of a machete, hence the company’s name. These require two hands, and you can choose from chorizo, ground beef, or Oaxacan cheese-stuffed mushrooms.

Authentic Mexican street food vendors also feature eye-popping nacho cones that double as drinks. It’s completely shareable, and you can’t leave The Ex without trying one of these.

Itay Buenahora/Daily Hive

vendor: machete

leaning tower of pisa

Itay Buenahora/Daily Hive

This “architectural food marvel” is a San Francesco stack of herb panko-crusted meatballs and mozzarella sticks stacked in a waffle cone and served with garlic aioli. It’s even finished with cotton candy and furikake, making it the most delicious tower I’ve ever seen.

vendor: San Francesco

state fair hot dog

Itay Buenahora/Daily Hive

Tuxedo Frank’s “State Fair Hot Dog” is a sweet and savory all-beef hot dog wrapped in aged cheddar cheese with a caramel corn texture and a surprise topping.

vendor: tuxedo frank

fried snickers

Itai Buenahora/Instagram

Fried Snickers is a CNE classic from Cookie Dough Me. Our popular chocolate bar is deep fried in bite size pieces and coated with a sweet batter and drizzle.

vendor: Cookie Dough Me!

squid ink korean corn dog

Itay Buenahora/Daily Hive

SaltSpring Concessions has created a corn dog unlike anything you’ve seen before. The “raised corn dog,” made to resemble squid, is seamed at the ends, wrapped in mozzarella, rolled in an inked batter, breadcrumbs, and, of course, fried. This is the perfect blend of sweet and savory.

vendor: Salt Spring Concessions

Soulful Taters

Itay Buenahora/Daily Hive

“Do you have taters?” Get Your Own Taters Food Truck certainly does. All dressed taters are served with Korean barbecue bulgogi, pulled pork with mac & cheese, and jambalaya topped with sausage and shrimp.

vendor: Get Your Own Tater

Krispy Kreme Pulled Pork Sandwich

Itay Buenahora/Daily Hive

Everyone’s favorite classic glazed donut is now carnival-inspired. The donut franchise partnered with Pull’d to offer, you guessed it, a pulled pork sandwich. If those two things are your jam, join the fun.

vendor: Pulled/Epic

Stay tuned for future reels with must-see items like Ketchup and Mustard Ice Cream and the much-talked-about Mac & Cheese Lemonade!

The CNE opens on Friday, August 19th, and all these items are yours until it closes on September 5th.

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