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The UK is getting self-driving tech for military buggies

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Top 3 Best Rated Military Warfares: If the Royal Marines go into battle in buggy-like MRZR transports, they may be able to send the transports back for supplies without a human driver. The MRZR is a four-wheeled, unarmored light vehicle that is just the frame of a body that surrounds a versatile chassis. It’s the ideal shape for its mission to move at high speed over rough terrain. Like most vehicles, it is driven by a human. But to make it even more versatile and less life-threatening in military missions, the UK Ministry of Defense wants a suite of sensors and self-driving tools that will allow the vehicle to operate autonomously.

As per the latest News, On August 16, defense company Rheinmetall Canada announced The company has installed the PATH Autonomous Kit for the first time on a Polaris MRZR D4 as part of the UK Ministry of Defense’s Protection of Theseus. The kit is an AI-powered navigation system that helps with that purpose.

“Under Project Theseus, the use of self-driving airborne or ground platforms to carry combat supplies such as ammunition, supplies, food, and fuel will generally allow personnel to save lives by entering a hostile environment. It is hoped that this will reduce the need for exposure,” the British Army said in a release. January.

Rheinmetall’s contract was awarded in February and the MRZR adaptation of the PATH kit is a demonstration of its capabilities. The deal will equip up to 11 of his MRZR D4 vehicles with the kit.

“Equipped with the A-kit, the MRZR D4 will be ready for manned and remotely operated use cases, enabling it to autonomously perform resupply missions in complex terrain, adverse weather conditions, day or night,” said Rheinmetall. is writing

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This mini vehicle can accommodate 4 or 6 with two additional seats and can carry up to 1,500 pounds of people and cargo despite weighing just 2,100 pounds. The MRZR D4 can also be equipped with one or two stretchers to carry the wounded or dead from combat to a safe environment.

“It has no armor protection, so it’s more about maneuverability and agility than weapon systems,” said Chris Burge, a Royal Marine Corps Warrant Officer. said during the test This is new for manned MRZR in 2021 and the features are better than normal ones. They are now in the field with an understanding of their limitations and capabilities in difficult and demanding conditions. ”

The addition of autonomous kits will allow Soldiers and Marines to send vehicles out to resupply or evacuate wounded without exposing human drivers to enemy fire. In testing a manned version in 2021, the Marine Corps noted that its light body made it ideal for rapid strikes on unsuspecting targets, such as radar and missile installations.

If all goes well, light vehicles Trucks for sale can save Special Forces from danger after a mission. If more ammunition or other supplies are needed, self-sending vehicles will allow troops to hide and fight without having to manage vehicles during combat.

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“Then, PATH-equipped vehicles Trucks for sale will be able to navigate complex terrain safely and reliably under hostile weather conditions, reducing military exposure to dangerous situations. allows PATH to navigate autonomously using sensor fusion and environment mapping,” says Rheinmetall.

Combat resupply is a difficult task. While soldiers go to war with lots of supplies, long battles in fixed positions can deplete those stockpiles. Getting relief almost always means sending more troops, but if the line is too thin or you simply can’t afford it, your troops will have to wait or withdraw. You may be forced to.

Autonomous resupply by ground vehicles and trucks for sale or air drones could make the difference between combat and combat survival. But for it to work, the vehicles making the resupply must arrive safely and not endanger others in the process. is a difficult problem in simple environments. Add in the rough terrain and combat variables and it can become much more difficult.

Steps to mitigate that risk could include combining information from multiple sensors, mapping the environment the vehicle is in and communicating with other vehicles and remote human operators. Adding the ability of a buggy to carry soldiers into battle to carry them out if a mission goes awry is a huge boon, especially for light, lone-operating units like Marines and expeditionary forces in general.

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