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Raising Arizona Is The Ultimate Screwball Comedy

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As with most Coen Brothers films, grow arizona It centers around a corny plot that looks good on paper for everyone involved but ultimately falls short of expectations, resulting in a harrowing chain of events that quickly spirals out of control. In this case, a young childless couple, Hy and Ed (played by Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter), decide to kidnap a baby in order to fulfill their version of American Girlfriend’s Dream. Hello, look, a criminal known for robbing convenience stores (although the weapons have been dropped), Ed is a book police officer with no nonsense time. The unlikely pair met in prison, bonded, and decided to start a family together.

The problem is that Ed cannot have children and Hai’s criminal record makes adoption impossible. As luck would have it, furniture tycoon Nathan Arizona (Tray Wilson) and his wife have just given birth to his quintuplets, and Hi and Ed rationally decide to kidnap one of them. did. Others had very little.

And thanks to Tex Avery as much as Sam Raimi, this wacky adventure begins. The remaining characters are plentiful. grow arizona A comedy classic for sure.

So why doesn’t anyone but critics seem to appreciate it?

Please let me back up. On New Year’s Eve 2000, I was celebrating the night with five of her friends. We had been following the teenage mantra of acting like idiots all night, but were exhausted by the end.Attention turned to finding movies to watch to pass the time until midnight, and I suggested grow arizonaAt that point, the Coen brothers were pretty famous. Fargo, big lebowski When brother, where are you? To much fame and success.My brother and I grew up watching their work grow arizona It was one of those movies that left us rolling in seams on the floor. So I thought it would be a good choice for a group of goofy teens looking for a laugh.

Boy, was I wrong.

I was dumbfounded to see most frown when Cohen’s quirky universe exploded off the screen.

Indeed, the opening frame grow arizona that is For real Weird, chock-full of enough running gags (“Don’t forget his phone, ED!”), slapstick comedy, and mayhem to fill an entire movie. Even the wise voice of the law sounds ridiculous.

Still, you should hear a few laughs after these great moments.

or this:

Still, nothing. Not a peep. The group, made up of three guys and his three gals, simply didn’t buy what the Coens were selling, which made for a pretty awkward viewing party. It was so bad I suggested we watch something else, but it was after the big chase, the movie’s most memorable scene. I remember saying it out loud.

That clip cuts off just before the guy in the truck observes, “Son, you’re wearing panties on your head,” and it pisses me off every time. If that wasn’t enough, the truck driver sprints through the neighborhood before hitting the brakes hard, causing the high to fly out the windshield. It’s really hilarious.

Still nothing from my companion.

At that point, I decided to stop watching and allowed the next feature to be selected.i think we decided zoro maskwhich is a safe option and got our attention even though it ran for over two hours.

Still, I felt a little silly. Still, after all these years, I still don’t get it. grow arizona teeth For real good. I’ve seen it countless times, and I can quote it virtually verbatim, such as when Evelle (Forsythe) robs Convenience her store and runs into some pretty down-to-earth employees. There is so much clever comedy sprinkled throughout.

Or this random moment with Glenn (McMurray)…

… bounty hunter Leonard Smalls (Cobb) and set this gag.

Speaking of Smalls, there’s a great scene in which he sits with Nathan and discusses words that seem to be quickly torn apart. old people have no countrySmalls himself is the forerunner of such formidable Cohen villains as Anton Sigle, Geyer Grimslad, and Tom Chaney, with his quiet demeanor and penchant for brutal acts of violence.

thank you grow arizona The quirky style, cartoon violence, and eccentric characters will make you laugh until it hurts. Others do not need to apply.

In a nutshell, Joel and Ethan Coen.from blood simple Recent (and Great) Tragedy of Macbeththe Coen family makes an amazing film (perhaps true grit) is not intended for a specific audience. Either you love their style or you hate it. Simple like that.

i remember watching old people have no country with a packed audience. There was laughter sprinkled throughout and the occasional gasp. I vividly remember hearing an older fellow mutter as the movie ended. I always thought it was funny.

in the case of grow arizona, the reactions varied. After watching, her mother said, “that’s it?” My dad thought it was funny, but a little weird for his taste. Couldn’t really get into it and was curiously silent.

And the battle of the brilliant trailers:

I will continue to suggest grow arizona to a friend or colleague. And while some returned with positive praise, most commented on the film’s weird and quirky style. And a graceful ending that seems to have appeared out of nowhere. And I’m always shocked by the negative reactions.

I think that’s why grow arizona Considered more of a cult classic than a mainstream success. nacho libre, The Grand Budapest HotelWhen adaptation — every unique movie whacks the viewer’s mind in its own unique way. Either you get them or you don’t.

in the case of grow arizona, I never get tired of its zany energy, its goofy humor, or its weird “hihic” phrasing. For me it’s a classic. I’m sure one day I’ll run into someone who appreciates its quirky nature as much as I do.

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