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Watch: Desi Mother Teaches “Different South Indian Breakfasts” To Dutch Daughter-In-Law

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“Good food, good life” – I’m sure our mothers (in fact, all of us) live by this saying. There is no doubt that fancy market food is no substitute for a healthy, nutritious, and delicious meal. But do you know what makes Indian mothers stand out? Their pride in traditional cooking and their urge to pass their cooking lessons on to the next generation. Why are we talking about it today? It is caused by a video shared by a user on Instagram. It features a mother teaching her Dutch wife how to make “a variety of South Indian breakfasts”.

 were able to watch them prepare popular southern dishes such as dosa, idiyappam, puri, aapam, putu, kuri paniyaram, and lava upuma. The food definitely looked delicious.

But this is not the case. Their breakfast ended with a cup of filter coffee. “It’s a different feeling than eating with your hands. , the person wrote along with the video.

Let’s see:

The clip went viral on social media and received cute reactions from netizens. People were impressed by the fusion of different cultures and many were drooling over the delicious spread of food.

“I love the culture mix,” one user wrote in the comments section.

“Excellent. Great food of South Indian (and Sri Lankan) origin,” read the comment.

So far, the video has been viewed over 6.5 million times. what do you think about the video? Let us know in the comments below.

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