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The Invitation Tops Week, Rogue One Makes History

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Oh, who doesn’t love late August? The dumping ground before studios churn out blockbusters and win promising awards in the fall.

After a pretty successful summer, we’ve reached the true low point of the box office season. Sony’s latest horror product is Invitation, topped the domestic box office charts with just $7 million.according to deadline, with a cumulative total of $53.7 million for movies this weekend, the second lowest after the total of $34.9 million made over the weekend of January 28-30. (It makes me wonder what a direct streaming flick is like prey Also Samaritan You may have performed without much competition. )

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Otherwise, another new release for the weekend, George Miller’s 3000 year longingwhich similarly opened in 2,436 theaters for just $2.876 million, last week’s champion bullet traindown 30% in Week 4, adding another $5.6 million to the current total of $78.2 million.

Surprisingly, Top Gun: Maverick Despite its release on digital platforms on Tuesday, sales of $4.75 million over the three days of week 14 were down just 20%. Domestically, Tom Cruise’s Legacy sequel reached his $691.2 million, just short of $9 million to overtake Black Panther and place him at number five on the all-time top-grossing domestic box office list. His $1.44 billion global box office gross for action movies is a long way behind at number 12. Frozen II ($1.445 billion).

In addition, Disney re-released Rogue One: A Star Wars Story On domestic Imax screens the film earned an additional $1 million. This earned Gareth Edwards his sci-fi adventure in the format his $105 million, which is enough to land him in the top 10 of Imax’s all-time. Top Gun: Maverick S is 11th with $104.7 million, so Star wars You may not enjoy that position for long.

1.) Invitation (Sony) 3,114 locations, $2.6M gold (including $775K preview), $2.55M, $1.8M day, $7M/week for 3 days 1

2.) bullet train (Sony) 3,513 (-268) Theater, Fri $1.54 million (-31%), Sat $2.39 million, Day $1.66 million, 3 days $5.6 million (-30%)/Total $78.2 million/week 4

3.) beast (Uni) 3,754 (+11) Theater, Fri $1.3M (-70%), Sat $2.1M, Sun $1.45M, 3 Days $4.9M (-58%)/Total: $20.09M/Week 2

Four.) Top Gun: Maverick (Normal) 2,962 (-7) Theater, Fri $1.35 million (-13%), Sat $2.06 million, Day $1.34 million 3 days $4.75 million (-20%), total $691.2 million/week 14
They need this to be $700 million. here we go!

Five.) Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes (Cru) 2,941 theaters (-77), Fri $1.3M (-88%), Sat $1.894M, Sun $1.35M, 3 days $4.544M (-78%)/Total $30.76M/2nd week

6.) DC League of Super Pets (WB) 3,284 (-253) Theater, Fri $1.065M (-25%), Sat $1.85M, Sun $1.3M 3 Days $4.225M (-26%)/Total $74.1M 5th Week

7. ) 3000 year longing (UAR) 2,436 theaters, Fri $1.16M, Sat $1M, Sun $706K, 3 days $2.876M/week 1

8.) Minions: Rise of Gru (University) 2,494 Theaters (-160), Fri $700K (-26%), Sat $1.2M Day $840K 3 days $2.74M (-26%), Total: $354.78M/week 9

9.) Thor: Love and Thunder (Disney) 2,450 (-305) Theater, Friday. $694,000 (-35%), Saturday $1.16 million, Day $838,000, 3 days $2.7 million (-33%)/total $336.5 million/week8

Ten.) where clodad sings (Sony) 2,216 theaters (-392), Fri $650K (-28%), Sat $957K, Sun $700K 3 days $2.32M (-28%)/total $81.8M/week 7

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