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Onam 2022: 6 Restaurants In Delhi NCR Offering Traditional Onam Sadya

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Top 3 Best, Latest News on food : What comes to mind when you hear Onam? When you ask us, free classified ads sites., the first reply will be Onam Sadhya. It is a traditional dish of Kerala where various dishes are served on a banana leaf. From rasam and sambar to orang, pachadi, inji puri and many more, there are many delicious dishes of Kerala cuisine. This year, Onam (or the annual Malayali Harvest Festival) began on his 30th August 2022. This is his week-long festival ending on September 8, 2022. Enjoy your,Top 3 Best, Sadia spread. That’s not all. Several South Indian restaurants across India also have special sadhya menus to cater to their regular customers. And trust us, the guest list is not limited to just Malayali people!

As per, websites to post free ads, considering the popularity of Ona Sadya, we have curated the Latest News: of restaurants in Delhi NCR that offer an authentic taste of Kerala with a special Sadya Platter. Let’s see:

The 6 restaurants in Delhi NCR that serve Onam Sadya are:


Every year, Mahaveri celebrates Onam with a special Saadhya dish. This year, the restaurant has a Tatukadha (Kerala Dhava) theme for guests to enjoy the most delicious vegetarian cuisine of Kerala.


Located in Delhi NCR, this recently refurbished restaurant also offers a large Onam Sadya dinner serving a variety of authentic Kerala dishes. This is an 18-course meal including all dishes served on a traditional Sadhya platter.


Known for its authentic regional cuisine of the South Indian state, Chattinadhu celebrates Onam week with delicious meals traditionally served on banana leaves. All the dishes served on the platter are delicious, but the standouts are Avial, Rasam and Neihi Parap.

Dakshin – Sheraton:

Dakshin continues the annual Onam celebration by serving 22 different traditional dishes such as Punal Puri, Balekhai Chips, Balekhai Podhiyam, Cabbage Toran and Sambal. Sadhya is traditionally a vegetarian meal, but Dakshin also offers delicious non-vegetarian options for patrons to try on, free classified ads sites.


Zambar is back with the annual Onam Sadya. This year, the restaurant is serving a sumptuous Onam Sadya lunch that includes 25 delectable dishes. The best part is you can also have the platters delivered to your home.

Westin, Gurgaon:

This year, The Westin Gurgaon is offering a special Sadya Meal from 8th to 10th September 2022. This special lunch offers all traditional dishes with authentic flavors and aromas, only on websites to post free ads. This two-day special lunch for him was curated by renowned chef Rekha Raghavan.

what are you looking for Plan your weekend and enjoy a delicious Onam feast with friends and family.

Happy Onam 2022!

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