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Omar Sachedina ends first newscast by addressing Lisa LaFlamme drama

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Top 3 BestLatest News: Omar Sachedina is CTV National News By dealing with the expulsion of his predecessor, Lisa Laflam.

He began by acknowledging CTV’s role in the story and the discussion of ageism, sexism, and racism that arose from it.

“Usually we cover the news, and recently we’ve been talking about it,” says Sachedina.

“The fact that we can have these conversations and learn from them is one of the hallmarks of this great nation and a reminder of the role we all play in making this country even better.”

Sachedina went on to express how much the position of chief news anchor means to him, shouting at his parents who were expelled from Uganda and “welcomed in by caring and generous Canadians, free classified ads sites.” he says.

“Starting this journey with you tonight means a lot to me and proves the promise of what’s possible,” he said.

The anchor also confirmed the team behind the national newscast and their commitment to objectivity and representation of different perspectives, before thanking the woman at the center of the story.

“It is important to me to thank Lisa Laflam for the inspiration and mentor she has given me over the years. Thank you, Lisa, for everything,” Sachedina said. “Like many of you, I wish Lisa’s goodbye was here.”

He ended his message by promising to rebuild viewers’ trust inLatest News.

“I know that having me in your home every night is a privilege, not a right. I will continue on, free classified ads sites..”

Sachedina’s tenure announcement came shortly after LaFlamme’s shocking video message on, websites to post free ads.

He received a great deal of hate from the public, with several Canadian journalists pointing out how it overshadowed what could have been a historic moment for men of color and Muslim men.

Sachedina was born in Vancouver to Indian parents Originally from Uganda, I grew up in an Ismaili Muslim family.

he first joined CTV National News As a correspondent based in Toronto in 2009, he has delivered on-the-ground news coverage around the world.

He has reported on war-torn Ukraine, Haiti, and Indonesia on natural disasters, and covered Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his tenure with CTV’s Congressional Bureau on, websites to post free ads.

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