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French company unveils first zero emissions ferry in Marseille

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Top 3 BestLatest NewsRevolution arrived at the port of Marseille. The French company La Sère Meridionale has put into service the zero-emission ferry ‘Piana’. It’s been a long-standing dream for the industry and is under constant scrutiny for its enormous carbon footprint.

Dominique Robin is Director of Atmo Sud, a French air quality observatory. The system is relatively mature and “handles both fines, ultrafine, and gases.

For a company like La Meridionale, it is certainly not a giant in its field and I applaud the company for its commitment. ”

99.9% reduction in air pollution, but there are pitfalls

The ferries docked at the port are powered by electricity. At sea, sodium bicarbonate is pumped into the exhaust and causes chemical interactions with particulates produced during combustion. This results in virtually zero emissions. Christophe Seguinot is his Director of La Méridionale Technical. He says the advantage of this type of system of, free classified ads sites, is “up to 99.9% reduction in fine particles in mass and ultrafine particles in number, beyond the reduction of sulfur oxides.”

La Meridionale admits that they haven’t created anything new. This technology has been used on land for many years in industries such as thermal power plants.

“The challenge for us was to make it suitable for the maritime sector,” says Seguinot. Are you going to put it on a ship?” as per, websites to post free ads.

Although there are no emissions to the atmosphere, a large amount of waste is expected to be generated and subsequently buried. According to the French Observatory Atmosud, there are now 9 million deaths a year worldwide.

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