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Ukraine’s rapid advances ‘creating fissures’ for Russian forces | Russia-Ukraine war News

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Russia-Ukraine war

The Ukrainian military claims to have made lightning gains in the eastern part of the country this week after a surprise counterattack was launched to retake territory from Russian forces.

Ukrainian forces announced on Saturday that they had entered the town of Kupiansk in eastern Ukraine, a key supply hub where Russian forces have been invading for months. Kyiv also reported battlefield successes in the north and south of the country.

Ukrainian special forces released an image on social media, saying it showed officers allegedly in Kupiansk. A handful of soldiers were in the picture.

A local official separately posted an image of Ukrainian troops in the eastern Ukraine town of about 27,000, writing, “Kupiansk is Ukraine.”

Ukraine is rapidly gaining ground in northeastern Kharkov and is deeply embedded in Russian fronts. Kupiansk has been an important railway center used by Russia since it took control after her February 24th invasion.

“Recently, over 1,000 square kilometers [386sq miles] Part of the Ukrainian territory has been liberated from the occupiers,” said Oleksandr Stupn, spokesman for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“The unit penetrated the enemy’s defenses to a depth of up to 50 km. [20 miles]More than 30 settlements temporarily occupied by Russian invaders in the Kharkiv region were liberated or brought under control. ”

Ukrainian forces also advanced to the pre-war town of Izyum, with a population of about 45,000, and it became an important staging point for Russian military operations.

“Ukrainian successes in the city of Kharkov and the Izyum line have created rifts within Russia’s information space and eroded confidence in Russian command to a degree not seen since Russia’s failed river crossing in mid-May. ing.” Said The Institute for War Research, a think tank based in the United States.

quick movement

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces along the Southern Front are advancing up to tens of kilometers into territories occupied by Russian forces at the start of the invasion in several areas, said Natalia, spokeswoman for the Southern Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Gumenyuk told local media. Saturday.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense posted a video showing reinforcements being deployed in the Kharkov region. On Friday, he released footage of Russian military vehicles driving on a highway in Kharkov, as well as footage of two of his helicopters flying overhead.

The Ukrainian advance in the Kharkov region was “very sharp and rapid” and Ukrainian forces recaptured many settlements, said the Russian-controlled territorial administrator in the region set up by Russia.

“The enemy is as far behind as possible, but some settlements are already under the control of Ukrainian forces,” said Vitaly Ganchev, chief executive of the Russian-backed Kharkiv region.

Civilians have been evacuated from the towns of Izm, Kupiansk and Veliky Burulk, Gantchev added.

‘A huge price for Russia’

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said President Vladimir Putin’s decision to send reinforcements to Kharkov underscores the heavy losses suffered by the Russian military.

“There are huge numbers of Russian troops stationed in Ukraine and unfortunately, tragically and horribly, President Putin is throwing a lot of people into this incident at a huge cost to Russia. “I’ve proven I’m going to,” he said.

The residents of Grakovo village in Kharkov faced a new reality after being liberated by Ukrainian forces after spending about seven months under Russian occupation.

On Friday, villager Serhiy Lutsai showed Ukrainian police where the bodies of two civilians were located after they were forced to be buried by separatist fighters in March.

“They threatened me with weapons and brought me here… Two people were already dead, two young men,” Rutsai said.

Serhiy Bolvinov, head of police investigations in the Kharkiv region, commented on the bodies in the graves.

“People had gunshot wounds in the back of their heads and had their ears cut off. [Lutsai] And another resident buried these people. ”

The British Ministry of Defense said fighting in the eastern Donbass region was also not going well for Moscow forces.

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