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Defence and security cooperation could help Liz Truss improve damaged UK-EU ties | View

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Former Foreign Secretary Liz Truss won the Conservative leadership election and was officially sworn in as Britain’s new prime minister on Tuesday, September 6, replacing Boris Johnson.

Brussels’ overall sentiment about her relationship with the European Union is that little is expected of her and the bar is too low to really disappoint. brings a heavy burden on UK-EU relations from its past role as the UK’s Brexit negotiator. In addition, she has consistently shown her diplomatic poorness and political carelessness towards two of Britain’s main allies.

When asked if France was friend or foe, she provocatively replied, “The jury is still out,” to the unnerves of her allies and perhaps to the delight of her opponents. Similarly, when Truss met Blinken for the first time, the conversation was hardly diplomatic. She questioned the special relationship between the United States and Great Britain, which has remained unchanged in the transatlantic alliance since Churchill, and said she had seen few concrete examples to support the idea that the relationship was particularly special.

These episodes summarize her modus operandi, including her tendency to accept maximalist positions without regard for consequences, and her desire for chaos, improvisation, and impulsivity. But in politics, recognition is important, especially in times of war when the Western Front is expected to show unity and cooperation.As the war in Ukraine rages on, it makes sense to stop wasting energy on avoidable conflicts, but she seems impervious to this idea. Truss is likely to remain on a collision course with her EU and the concept of a ‘permanent Brexit’ — Regularly and deliberately provoking debate with the EU to boost domestic public support — It will most likely continue to support UK-EU relations.

But on the security and defense cooperation front, there are reasons for cautious optimism.

truss Ben Wallace Reappointed As secretary of defense, he has so far proven adept at fostering relationships with foreign ministers. Knows how to have and get involved. Moreover, the war in Ukraine is an urgent imperative for inter-European cooperation, and there will be no less support for Ukraine under the Truss, so there will be more opportunities for coordination and dialogue, at least on the Ukraine issue. is open. As for defense cooperation on other fronts, the Truss may not like the form of cooperation under strong US institutional oversight. european Commission, given the tense relationship between the UK and the EU’s enforcement agencies.

Defense cooperation with EU partners is more likely to occur on a bilateral basis or with smaller groups of countries (e.g. UK-led project with Italy and Sweden to develop future Tempest fighter) at least in the short term, not under EU structures or EU branded initiatives.To date, the rules on third party involvement in EU-led defense projects have been very restrictive and not intended to give special treatment to the UK. potential flexibility to meet the needs of highly motivated key partners in the UK. have not yet proven like that interest. His first meeting of the “European Political Community” to be held in October — An initiative proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron — Britain was invited to participate on,websites to post free ads.

Europeans are well aware that a stronger European defense requires British involvement.everyone in defense on the continent wants the UK to participate, so the real challenge for the Truss is to make this engagement politically acceptable domestically. The fact that there is a war going on in Europe should be reason enough, but the urgency to deal with serious domestic problems has pushed relations with the EU back in the background and forced the truss into manipulating to work with Europe. It should give you a little more room. A fashion that doesn’t always align with her party’s hardliners, at least in terms of defense and security cooperation on, free classified ads sites .

Will she seize the moment? The jury is out yet.

Isabella Antinozzi is a Research Analyst at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a London-based defense and security think tank, and a Research Associate at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR).

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