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Michelin Guide Toronto: Restaurant selections have been revealed

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After a period of anticipation and speculation, the Michelin Guide Toronto’s first restaurant selection has been revealed.

The ceremony took place in Toronto on Tuesday night, and Dishes witnessed the moment live.

Restaurants now know if they have a Michelin star, Bib Gourmand (good value, quality food), or other Michelin Guide ratings.

Toronto’s restaurant choices for 2022 are based on five criteria: quality products, flavor harmony, mastery of cooking techniques, chef individuality in cuisine, and consistency from visit to visit (each restaurant is inspected several times a year). was based on standards.

Here are all the very worthy recipients.

Bib Gourmand Winners:



Bar Laval


cherry street barbecue

chick’s chicken

Enoteca Sociale

fat pasha

Favorite Thai

Fonda Balam

Gray Gardens

Indian street food company

La Bartra

Puerto Bravo

Research and Development

Smiley’s Smoked Meat & Deli


Michelin Star Winners:

Aburihana (One Star)

Aro (One Star)

Allover Yorkville (1 Star)

Don Alfonso 1890 (1 Star)

Edulis (1 star)

Enigma Yorkville (1 Star)

Frill (One Star)

Kaiseki Yuzen Hashimoto (1 star)

Osteria Giulia (One Star)

Quetzal (One Star)

Shoshin (One Star)

Yukashi (One Star)

Sushi Masaki Saito (2 stars)

Additional prizes:

Michelin Service Award: Edulis team

Sommelier of the Year: Christopher Seely (Alo)

Exceptional Cocktail Award: Osteria Giulia’s team

To check your award yourself, Official live stream of the Michelin Guide of the event.

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