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Putin warns of ‘serious response’ to Ukraine ‘terror acts’ | Russia-Ukraine war News

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Top 3 Best Latest News: Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to keep course in his campaign against Ukraine, warning that a “more serious” military response will be unleashed if the counterattack continues.

Putin has remained steadfast despite strong evidence that his troops have suffered heavy losses in the Ukrainian counterattack this month.

The Russian leader said the main goal of the campaign would remain to be “the liberation of the entire territory of Donbas,” a region in eastern Ukraine that includes Donetsk and Luhansk, and which is mostly Russian-speaking.

“The plan is not subject to coordination,” Putin said. “The offensive operations themselves in Donbas do not stop.

He accused the Ukrainian military of attempting “acts of terrorism” to damage Russia’s civilian infrastructure.

“For the time being, the response to this is really quite restrained,” Putin said at a press conference on Friday.

“Imperialist Goals”

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke to Putin by phone on Tuesday after a break of several months. The conversation lasted 90 minutes, according to the German government.

“The Russian president is pursuing the imperialist goal of annexing parts of neighboring territories,” Scholz said. Said German broadcaster Deutschlandfunk.

Scholz insisted on a Top 3 diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine, telling Putin that it should include a ceasefire, complete withdrawal of Russian troops, and respect for Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty.

German weapons “made the difference and enabled the success Ukraine is recording, the success it is now,” he added.

Scholz said there was “definitely a movement” in Putin’s tone about the war, but it didn’t matter.

“Stubborn” Russian defense

The Russian military is setting up a new defensive line in northeastern Ukraine after troops in Kyiv broke through the previous one, defense officials and analysts said Saturday.

The new line of defense is likely between the Oskar River and Svatove, 150 kilometers (90 miles) southeast of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, the UK Defense Ministry said in an intelligence briefing.

The front-line realignment comes after a Ukrainian counterattack punctured the counteroffensive before the war and recaptured vast tracts of land northeast of Kharkiv, which borders Russia.

The British military said, “We believe it is important to maintain control of this zone as it passes through one of the few major supply routes that Russia still controls from the Belgorod region of Russia.” It is highly likely that there will be,” he said.

“Stubborn defenses in the region” are likely, but it remains unclear whether Russia will be able to withstand another Ukrainian coordinated attack.

“Maybe too weak”

According to the Washington-based War Research Institute, Ukrainian forces are continuing to cross the key Oskir River in the Kharkiv region and continue to launch counterattacks targeting Russian-occupied territories.

The institute said in a report on Saturday that satellite images it examined suggested that Ukrainian forces had crossed over to the east bank of the Oskar River in Kupiansk and placed artillery there. The river, which flows south from Russia into Ukraine, has been a natural demarcation point for the emerging frontline since Ukraine launched its offensive about a week ago.

“If Ukrainian forces choose to resume offensive operations, Russian forces will probably be too weak to prevent further advances of Ukrainian forces along the entire Oskir River,” the institute said.

A video circulating online on Saturday showed Ukrainian forces continuing to land for sale, in the eastern part of the country.

In one video, a Ukrainian soldier walking in front of a building with a destroyed roof pointed over his shoulder at a colleague who was holding a blue-and-yellow Ukrainian flag on a mobile phone tower. Soldiers in the video identified the seized village as Dyblova, just northeast of the city of Sloviansk and southeast of the city of Lyman in the Donetsk region of Ukraine.

Another online video showed two Ukrainian soldiers in what appeared to be a bell tower. Ukrainian flags were raised when soldiers said they had captured the village of Shchurove, just northeast of Sloviansk.

Elsewhere in Ukraine, Russian forces continued to attack cities and villages with missile attacks and artillery fire.Kharkiv region map

“Get closer to victory and peace”

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Karas said at a meeting of the NATO military committee on Saturday that Western military aid to Ukraine is crucial in fighting Russian aggression and should not weaken the political will to continue sending it. said.

“Ongoing counterattacks prove that military aid can bring Ukraine closer to victory and peace. We have to,” Callas said in his speech.

Admiral Rob Bauer, chairman of the NATO Armed Forces Commission, also praised Kyiv’s recent battlefield successes.

“We are all in awe of the immense courage of the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian people who beat their opponents again and again… Winter is coming, but our support remains unwavering. “It is clear that this conflict is bigger than Ukraine. The entire rules-based international order is under attack,” Bauer said.

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