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Did Grimes just get elf ears? Artist sparks plastic surgery rumours

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Did Grimes really get elf ears? That’s the big question the artist raised on Twitter this weekend when she shared a photo of herself apparently post-surgery.

“I’m hooked!” Grimes shared a photo on Twitter of her wearing a bandage on her head and what looked like a hospital gown.

The Canadian artist also shared an update on her upcoming album ‘The Infinite Assassin’, saying, ‘She finished her last song at a plastic surgery clinic because they didn’t let me leave. We laughed and said it was the most Hollywood moment ever.”

Grimes has made no secret of his desire to undergo elf ear and other body modification surgery.

“Has anyone had good results with the elf ear mod?” the artist asked in a tweet on Aug. 15, 2022.

Her ex, Elon Musk, apparently didn’t like the idea of ​​getting elf ear surgery.

However, due to its popularity ring of powerwe don’t blame Grimes for wanting to be like an elf.

What do you think about getting elf ears?

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