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Your restaurant meal is about to get even pricier

restaurant meal is about to get even pricier

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Top 3 Best Latest News:  Restaurants across Canada say they plan to increase menu prices by more than 7% by the end of the year to sustainably sustain profits and offset higher food prices.

Some restaurants have even increased their prices.

In its annual report, food service facts, In Canadian restaurants, menu prices are as follows Full-service restaurants are expected to grow by about 7.8% by the end of 2022.

About 35% of full-service restaurateurs plan to raise prices further, according to the report, with many planning 10-15% price increases by the end of the year.

The report cites the war in Ukraine and high energy costs as factors in the high costs faced by restaurateurs.

Food costs are said to be one of the biggest challenges currently facing food service operators with 542 restaurants in British Columbia. out of about 10,000 It will be permanently closed from April 2021 to July 2022.

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BC restaurants are feeling the pressure of inflation

Christian Paul, general manager of Winston’s in North Vancouver, said the impact of inflation goes beyond rising food prices.

Missy Tukas, owner of Vancouver’s Neighbors Restaurant & Pizza House, says she will raise prices on her menu later this week.

“We went quarterly, so they have to go up, but it’s not going well,” Lukas told CBC host Michelle Elliott. B.C. Todayon Thursday.

If prices drop, she says, she will “absolutely” lower the menu prices.

overcoming hurdles

Restaurants Canada’s Western Canada vice president Mark von Scherwitz says restaurants still have “incredible hurdles to overcome” in recovering from the pandemic and inflation.

“You are talking [substantial] Increase in our food costs. If you look at dairy products, they’ve increased by about 20%, beef by 16%, and cooking oil by 20%. There is a lot of inflationary pressure and the cost of natural gas has also increased by about 22%. ”

About 85% of restaurants in western Canada are taking on additional debt to stay open during the pandemic, he said, and current staffing shortages have forced restaurants to raise wages and try to bring back workers. So we are still struggling to re-hire staff.

“More than half of our members are still losing money or are currently bankrupt,” he said.

Christian Paul, general manager of Winston’s in North Vancouver, says inflation is affecting every aspect of the restaurant business. He says he and his colleagues feel like they’re trying to “catch up and turn around” to keep the door open.

“Inflation has been very high. It’s literally affecting everything from basic commodities, to oil, to food, to coffee, to shipping logistics, and you feel it everywhere.”

Paul says he and his colleagues feel like they’re trying to “catch up and pivot” to keep the restaurant’s doors open. (Justin Boleyn/CBC)

During CBC’s call-in segment on restaurant prices B.C. Todaysome residents expressed dissatisfaction with the high prices, while others said they were creative with their restaurant choices.

“I have two young toddlers and when I go out, I choose based on family pricing,” said caller Jay Mah.

Some, like Leonard Johnson, say they can’t go out at all.

“Food service is getting very expensive. I worked in the kitchen for about 15 years so I understand what they are dealing with, but I won’t be eating out again anytime soon.

B.C. Today50:54Restaurants are raising prices to deal with rising food costs and labor disputes.Workplace burnout prevention

Restaurants Canada’s latest report says some restaurants will have to increase prices by up to 15% by the end of 2022. We’ll explain some of the reasons, and other stressors that the restaurant industry is on the rise. Against. In the second part, what’s behind burnout and how the workplace can prevent it, he tells Merv Gilbert, a psychologist who focuses on psychological health and safety in the workplace. listen to the story

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