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Canada set to end COVID-19 vaccine, ArriveCAN entry requirements

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Canada will update its entry requirements at the federal level by the end of this month, according to the report. globe and mailsource.

This means that people coming to the country no longer need a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination record and can choose whether or not to enter the information into the ArriveCAN app.

Canada’s newly relaxed entry requirements apply to everyone arriving by air, land or sea.

The changes are scheduled to take effect on September 30, glovesources have yet to be finalized at Cabinet level.

Two of their sources said Canadians will continue to be expected to wear masks on trains and planes, as directed by the federal health minister.

Last month, US Congressman Elise Stefanik wrote a letter to the Canadian federal government asking them to end the use of ArriveCAN. The app has been controversial since its entry into force.

“Instead of stifling a successful partnership with a misplaced burden, such as the Canadian government mandating the use of the ArriveCAN app, we should work to further develop the partnership,” she wrote.

Currently, the Canadian Border Services Agency hasPlanned interruption of serviceArriveCAN notices active on the website. The app says Sept. 20 and he will receive a scheduled upgrade on Sept. 22 from 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. ET.

“This will result in two short service interruptions. We recommend that you send your ArriveCAN information either before or after your scheduled maintenance time. You can do this via an app or web platform.”

Those affected during the disruption will not have access to the app, but can use it to send information prior to their arrival Traveler contact information form.

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