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Model alleges Adam Levine cheated on his wife with her (VIDEO)

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Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has allegedly cheated on his wife with model Sumner Straw, who came clean on TikTok.

“Essentially, I was having an affair with a man who was married to a Victoria’s Secret model,” Straw began in a video posted two days ago.

The Victoria’s Secret model she’s referring to is Behati Prinsloo. Levine and Prinsloo got married in 2014.

@sumnerstroh Embarrassingly, I was caught up in regret and a complete lack of respect. # green screen ♬ Original Sound – Sumner Straw

Straw said she felt exploited for still establishing herself in the fashion industry as a young, naive and “easily manipulated” model.

She shared a screenshot of her text message exchange with the musician. She claims that the straw reciprocated and the two began seeing each other for a year.


Straw and Levine stopped talking to each other for “a few months” before sending a bizarre message on Instagram on June 1, asking if the baby could be named after her.

At this time, Prinsloo was pregnant with her third child.

Adam Levine cheated


My morals were unknowingly undermined. I was completely manipulated. Obviously, I know what I’m doing, making money my way, and the ramifications that come with being an Instagram model, so I didn’t want to come forward. Bound by story — I know the stereotypes.

“I recklessly sent screenshots to some friends I thought I could trust, and one of them was trying to sell me.” [them] To the tabloids, that’s why we’re here.

Straw received backlash from followers who said they knew exactly what they were doing because Adam Levine’s marriage had been publicly known for years.

“The only victims here are his wife and children,” said one commentator, to which Straw responded in the video.

@sumnerstroh thank you ♬ Original Sound – Sumner Straw

“Hindsight is 20/20. At first, I wanted to talk about how regretful I was, how embarrassed and disgusted I was with myself,” Straw revealed. I didn’t want people to look at it and think, ‘Oh, she’s playing the victim.'” In fact, it backfired. ”

The model said the tabloids only came forward to kill the bubbling story. [Levine and Prinsloo’s] The marriage is over,” the couple kept secret to avoid negative press.

Unfortunately, the second video backfired, with followers strawing how she believed it when both Levine and Prinsloo were posting pictures of their healthy relationship on social media. I started asking

On Twitter, the video fueled a debate about the immorality of cheating and the burden of honesty.

In an expired Instagram story, Levine outright denied the incident.

“I used judgment in speaking in any kind of flirtatious way to anyone other than my wife,” he said. .”

But pop culture fans are skeptical of this apology.

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