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“I was despondent”: Lisa LaFlamme talks CTV ousting in new interview

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It’s been over a month since Lisa LaFlamme shocked the nation by announcing that she had ended her 35-year relationship with CTV.

Now, a prominent Canadian journalist has spoken out in his first post-deportation interview while chatting with toronto starOf Rosie DiManno, LaFlamme held nothing back.

“I cried every day,” LaFlamme said of her “traumatic” experience of being locked in a cottage for two months just to escape the noise.It was there that she recorded infamous announcement It has over 4.6 million views on Twitter.

The day Queen Elizabeth II died was a painful day for LaFlamme, she said. Star. Prior to her banishment, she was preparing for the event with her team. She had no team and no job.

I was disappointed. This is the greatest story of our lives and I didn’t even have a job,” said LaFlamme.

LaFlamme hadn’t been unemployed for a long time.

On September 9, CityNews announced that it had hired LaFlamme as a special correspondent to lead the network’s coverage of the Queen’s funeral.

“They threw a lifeline at me and I grabbed it. I felt like a human again,” said LaFlamme. Star.

While in London, LaFlamme was approached by journalists such as: CNNEurovision, with the United States,” all expressed shock and offered support to veterans.

Being a correspondent is a very different profession than being a national newscaster, but LaFlamme said she was relieved that she didn’t take someone’s job to get to her current position.

“It was very important to me,” concludes LaFlamme.

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