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Italy’s right-wing alliance set for election victory: Exit poll | Elections News

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According to projections, an alliance led by Giorgia Meloni’s far-right party ‘Brothers of Italy’ will win a parliamentary majority.

Rome, Italy Exit polls suggest that the far-right Brothers of Italy party won the most seats in the country’s elections, paving the way for Giorgia Meloni to become the country’s first female prime minister.

Meloni’s party is likely to win 25% of the vote, according to the WSG’s prediction on private channel La 7, released after the polls closed on Sunday.

Its coalition partners, the hardliners Matteo Salvini’s Ligue Party and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forward Italia, are expected to win 11.5 percent and 7 percent respectively, enough to guarantee the alliance a parliamentary majority. .

Opinion polls predict that Democrats running alone, unable to forge broad alliances with other left-wing or centrist parties, will win 20% of the vote.

Long considered a moribund party, the Five Star Movement appeared to have performed better than expected, winning 15.5% of the vote.

The centrist third pole, made up of Matteo Rezi’s Italia Viva and Carlo Calenda’s Azione, had 7%.

If the predictions are confirmed, Meloni will become the country’s first far-right leader since World War II. During her campaign, she cut taxes, imposed a naval blockade to stop “illegal immigration,” and promised to put the interests of Italians first within the European Union.

But she faces the task of leading Italy through a harsh winter amid an energy crisis and rapid inflation.

Exit polls suggest that about one in four Italians voted for Meloni, but the party alliance does not appear to be on track to win 70% of the seats. The alliance wants to adopt direct elections of the president, who is currently appointed by Congress.

While there was little doubt that the far-right leader would win, there were some surprises in the forecast.

“The Five Star Movement has proven to be much stronger because it has actually embraced and supported ‘citizens’ income’. [a poverty relief scheme] Andrea Ruggeri, Professor of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford, said:

Giuseppe Conte, leader of the Five Star Movement, has spent a good deal of time touring the southern states where most of the relief package recipients live.

Election results will be confirmed on Monday, but the new government won’t take office until mid-November. The next step is for the newly elected MPs to appoint the Speaker of the House of Commons. The two representatives, together with the party leader, will begin talks with President Sergio Mattarella.

Taking into account the election results and the composition of the new parliament, the head of state appoints a new prime minister who proposes a list of ministers.

The list requires Mattarella’s approval and a vote of confidence from Congress.

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