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Midnight Suns’ Magik Gameplay Deep Dive Shows Portal-Heavy Hero in Action

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Firaxis Games has released yet another character Deep Dive, this time focusing on Magik. This hero can use his teleportation skill in several different ways to help allies and harm enemies.

These portals mean she has a plethora of knockback cards to blast enemies into dangerous scenarios. Her one of her cards, Gather, specializes in combos as it damages and groups enemies and sets them up for area-of-effect follow-up attacks. Limbo’s Grasp is another combo card for her as it does more damage to players who pass through portals for the rest of the battle.

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Vanish is another portal-based move, but with a twist. This card can turn an enemy into a “drop”, a special type of portal on the ground for one turn. Knocking an enemy into this drop has a chance to kill instantly, and the percentage is higher the lower the enemy’s health. Upgrading this card means that heroes can also be turned into drops. This means that the card can be used offensively to target enemies and defensively to temporarily save allies, except for heroes and “supervillains” (who are more likely to be bosses his character). You cannot push to the drop. She also seems to be able to warp to other heroes who aren’t in the party, though her ability to do so isn’t fully explained.

Her ultimate move, Dark Child, makes her immortal and taunts all enemies in play. This means everyone will target her, and she’s invulnerable so she doesn’t take damage. Upgrading this card creates a counter for her on everyone who attacks her during that turn.

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Another detailed investigation was due “soon”, but it was not clear who to focus on. Blade has yet to get his own trailer, and October would be a very good time to reveal more about the hero, considering he’s a vampire.

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