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From HP sauce to Burberry, the future of the Queen’s endorsements is up in the air

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The kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms of the world’s population have much in common with many of the British royal palaces.

Often stocked with the same items personally selected by Her Majesty the Queen and other members of the royal family, they are accompanied by what is known as a Royal Warrant.

Popular products such as HP Sauce, Kellogg’s Cornflakes, Burberry clothing, Clarins skincare, and Elizabeth Arden cosmetics can all display the royal coat of arms to indicate that they are Her Majesty’s choice. increase.

But those seals of approval could evaporate after the Queen’s death this month, leaving some brands wondering whether His Majesty King Charles will continue to enjoy royal endorsements as he ascends to the throne. .

HP Sauce holds a royal warrant through its parent company, Heinz, but it’s not shown on these bottles. Heinz was officially her HM The Queen’s “purveyor of Heinz Products”. This role was difficult for other companies to fill. (Sang Tan/Associated Press)

Feizal Chatur, CEO of Araam Inc. in Edmonton, said:

The Chatur company is a manufacturer of Hypnos mattresses in Canada. 700+ brands Currently holding a royal writ.

That means the brand bears Queen Elizabeth’s seal of approval and the company says, “By appointment with HM The Queen“Hypnos products is the official manufacturer of royal bedding and upholstery.

Hypnos Ltd. held the royal purveyor of the Queen’s mattresses. Edmonton-based company Araam is Canada’s only manufacturer. (Royal Warrant Association)

It’s basically the mattress of choice for generations of royalty, including Buckingham and Kensington Palaces, Windsor Castle and Balmoral Castle.

According to the Canadian branch of the mattress company, the implied endorsement a royal warrant provides means significant prestige.

Araam Inc. CEO Feizal Chatur is pictured at his company’s offices in Edmonton with the royal coat of arms behind him. (Daniel Nerman/CBC)

“If it’s good enough for the late Queen, it’s definitely good enough for consumers,” Chatur said in an interview with CBC Radio. Cost of living. Both Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother have issued royal warrants to Hypnos mattresses, Chatur said.

Influencers before the Internet

Royal writs have been granted by royal families since the 15th century, and royal coats of arms have been displayed by corporations since the 18th century.

It’s history that somehow made the British royal family the first influencers before the telephone even existed, not to mention the internet and Instagram.

Paul Alger, director of international affairs for the British Council of Fashion and Textiles, said: “Over the years, Royal Warrants have become a… mark of service and product quality.

It keeps you off your toes when it comes to maintaining quality and prestige.– Feizal Chatur, CEO of Araam Inc., Edmonton, Alberta

“What the royal family is giving these great British brands is the recognition factor.”

It’s difficult to put a dollar (or pound) figure on the brand equity granted by the Royal Warrant, but the mark of quality is still important to many consumers. Alger says he’ll obviously pass because he shakes hands hundreds of times a day with his phone on.

Global consumers also appreciate seeing the royal coat of arms, according to industry experts.

“For example, if you look at major international markets such as Japan, China, and South Korea, these markets are completely fascinated by royal warrants and royal ties … Chinese people in particular are really, really passionate about royal warrant products. I’m a big fan,” Algiers said.

What will happen to the new sovereign?

With Prince Charles in office, many of Her Majesty’s Royal Warrants may be gone.

According to the Royal Warrant Holders Association, existing businesses can continue to display the royal coat of arms for up to two years once the person sitting on the throne changes. It will be void if issued by the Queen.

The Royal Warrant Holders Association said in an email to CBC Radio that the royal family now needs to confirm who has been given the seal of approval.

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This could mean, for example, that the Queen’s umbrella of choice, the Fulton Umbrella, may find new endorsements in the years to come. His Majesty’s status as chocolate maker may need to be considered by Charles.

Holder of the Royal Warrant as Her Majesty’s Official Gin Distillery, Gordon’s gin may no longer be favored as her royal family has technically disappeared and has been replaced by the new monarch’s. I can’t.

However, the writ issued by the current Prince of Wales, despite Prince Charles’ elevated status, is believed to still exist in the former Prince of Wales’ home. remains valid.

London and Scottish International, makers of Juniper Green Organic Gin, can therefore continue to enjoy the Royal Warrant as the “Supplier of Organic Spirits” even if Charles replaces HRH with HM.

King Charles and Lady Camilla, the Queen, may or may not renew royal warrants issued by Queen Elizabeth, and may choose a new firm to patronize. (Nile Carson/AFP/Getty Images)

Can old royals give them away?

The Royal Warrant could only be granted by the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the Prince of Wales in recent years.

According to the Holders Association, the companies and business persons holding the warrants will not give away their products, nor will they pay for the royal warrants themselves.

The main benefit, if not the only tangible benefit, is the right to display the coat of arms on a product or establishment.

We ask Paul Alger of the British Fashion & Textile Council about royal warrants:


Cost of living27:30The Queen’s death and what it means for HP Sauce or Burberry


They are also not the exclusive purveyors of products to the royal family. Members of the royal family can purchase from anyone with or without an official seal of approval.

But as Charles’ family takes over Buckingham Palace, consumers may begin to see the new monarch’s own tastes appearing on the list of royal warranties.

In a conversation with CBC Radio’s Paul Hervalzrad, Paul Alger said, “I think there’s a good chance that ethical and sustainable causes will start to come to fruition.” Cost of living.

“These causes are interesting because … His Majesty was talking about sustainability and caring for the planet 30 years ago, long before it was fashionable to start talking about these things.”

Regarding the Edmonton mattress maker, Araam’s CEO hopes the royal family will continue to use Hypnos mattresses after generations of kings, queens, princes and princesses have slept on their products since 1929. .

Would Charles III prefer the same mattress as Elizabeth II? Hypnos Ltd. has two years to stop displaying royal iconography. (Hannah McKay/Associated Press)

However, Faizal Chatur admits that King Charles and Lady Camilla may have different tastes than Queen Elizabeth, which drives him to hold his company to high standards.

“In my opinion, that’s the beauty of the warrant, because it’s renewed every five years or at the death of the late Queen. So the quality and the prestige that the warrant provides to the manufacturer. And it will keep you off your toes.”

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