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Activists Flood Election Offices With Challenges

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In Michigan, the Secretary of State said attempts to challenge 22,027 votes at once were invalid. Letter to local officials.

Blatter highlighted other issues with the group’s work. Activists used the US Postal Service’s change of address system as evidence that voter registrations were invalid. But many people in that system, including students and military personnel, are eligible to vote at their former addresses, he wrote. It was based on a bug that listed January 1, 1900, as the registration date.

In an interview with The Times, the Election Fairness Fund and Forces leaders, the groups behind the effort, said they had no clear evidence that the voters listed were ineligible. They were simply urging election officials to investigate potential errors in detail, they said.

They said they were unaware that voters had been removed from the rolls as a result.

The Election Integrity Fund and Force has been active in Michigan since the 2020 election, fueling skepticism about the legitimacy of the election. Earlier this month, he sued the governor and secretary of state to revoke recognition of President Biden’s victory in the state. It also sent volunteers knocking on doors to ask residents about registered voters in their homes. They presented the results to election officials as evidence that there was a problem with the voter rolls.

But officials who reviewed the group’s findings said they were riddled with errors and leaps of logic. said Lisa Brown, county clerk of Oakland County outside Detroit.

Ms Brown said a colleague found her friend on the group’s list of problematic registrations because she forwarded her email. We’ll forward the mail to Florida, but she still lives here,” Brown said.

Kiesel, the group’s executive director, said her group plans to send a list of names to election officials in Michigan before the November election. said.

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