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Safety Concerns Overshadow Europe’s First New Gas Link in Decades

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Along with new terminals in Poland and Latvia to receive shipments of liquefied natural gas, and new regulations to increase interdependence and reduce barriers, the pipeline will see the energy monopoly once held by Russian state-owned companies like Gazprom. Benjamin said it is part of Europe’s broader strategy to mitigate A research fellow at Harvard University and former European Energy Security Advisor to the US State Department, he is L. Schmidt.

But even the most robust energy networks cannot function without security, he added. “These are all important factors for security of supply and a well-functioning marketplace, but without the physical and cybersecurity that underpins that market, it effectively ends up in the picture,” he said. rice field.

The Baltic Pipe is the third major gas line to run under the Baltic Sea, in addition to the now ruptured Nord Stream Line. The Polish pipeline begins in the North Sea west of Denmark and branches off from the Europipe II line, one of his thousands of miles of pipelines that carry Norwegian natural gas across the North Sea to Northern Europe.

Two Nord Stream pipelines are currently damaged, rendering Russia’s most efficient means of transporting gas to Europe unusable. Both Nord Stream arteries were filled with limited amounts of gas at the time of the attack, but were not delivering fuel, as Russia had cut off 1 and Germany never allowed 2 to be put into service.

The suspected attack on the pipeline has alarmed NATO and European nations, which are stepping up patrols in the Baltic Sea. Gaz-System, the Polish company that operates the Baltic Pipe, said, along with Polish authorities, that the undersea section of the new pipeline is being monitored “continuously by a professional operational service.” Gaz-System declined to provide further details.

Experts point to vulnerabilities in all undersea infrastructure. Beyond energy pipelines, this includes thousands of miles of communication cables strung across the ocean floor to connect the world that has become globalized in recent decades. It is virtually impossible to keep it safe, Johannes Peters, an expert at Kiel University’s Center for Maritime Strategy and Security, told German reporting group RND.

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