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More Trans Teens Are Choosing ‘Top Surgery’

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“There are very few things in the world that have a zero regret rate. And I have experienced that clinically when it comes to chest surgery.

However, this study had a caveat. Most patients were surveyed within 2 years after surgery, and nearly 30% were lost or refused to participate.

Few researchers have looked at so-called detransitioners who have discontinued or reversed gender therapy. in July, an Investigation Of the 28 such adults, some felt intense regret, while others had a more fluid gender identity.

Few studies have looked at transition removal, so many doctors ask young patients and their parents to consent without acknowledging the unknown, said the transgender researcher who led the study in Toronto. Kinnon McKinnon of the University of York said.

“Me Personally, I know that many, many, many transgender men have benefited and are happy with the medical transition and top-notch surgery. ,” said Dr. McKinnon. “But as researchers, we feel there are questions that deserve answers and that have implications for clinical care.”

Jamie, a 24-year-old college student in Maryland, grew up as a girl and began to identify as a transgender boy in eighth grade. After being sexually assaulted and dropping out during her senior year of high school, she began taking testosterone, and three months later, just after turning 18, she underwent upper surgery at a private practitioner in Massachusetts. I was.

Over the next few years, Jamie said, she thrived. Testosterone made her feel energetic and her anxiety waned.

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