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More trouble for Truss as Tory conference begins amid collapse in support

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UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has said more is needed to “lay the groundwork” for her economic plan as the pound plunges to record lows, government borrowing costs soar and polls collapse support for the ruling party. I admit that I should have done it.

As the Conservatives’ annual conference kicks off in Birmingham, opinion polls show the opposition Labor Party with a commanding lead, less than a month after Truss took office.

Several key party figures have voiced their opposition to tax cuts planned in the government’s recent mini-budget. ) resulted in a warning from

Political turmoil comes against the backdrop of the cost of living crisis over the weekend when energy prices for millions of households doubled from last winter’s level.

“I can understand the concern (of the critics) about what happened this week,” he said. told the BBC on sunday.

“I stand by the package we announced. I stand by the fact that it was announced so soon because we had to act, but I accept that we should have laid a better foundation.” She said she “learned.”

However, she argued that the mini-budget was the right plan, suggesting that critics were unaware of the depth of Britain’s problems and that she was focused on fostering growth.

The string of tax cuts announced by Prime Minister (Finance Minister) Kwasi Kwarten was an unusual move that was not accompanied by official forecasts and is believed to have exacerbated market turmoil.

Beyond the market reaction, Truss’ economic plans have also raised alarm within the Conservative Party. In particular, it cut taxes for the richest and did little to improve the lives of the most vulnerable.

The prime minister did not deny that the plan calls for cuts in spending on public services.

Former minister Michael Gove, who has long been at the center of government, has hinted that he will not vote to abolish the top tax when the economic plan is submitted to parliament, and Birmingham’s Conservative mayor Andy Street said he would not vote. rice field. He made that policy.

Truss added that the decision on the top tax rate was made by her finance minister and acknowledged that the move had not been discussed by her ministers. This is a decision made by the Prime Minister,” she said.

Nadine Dries, a former minister under Boris Johnson and now a Tory supporter, said: told Truss on Twitter “She was throwing the prime minister under the bus,” he said.

Amid concerns within the Conservative Party that the government’s economic plan will be rejected by parliament, leader Jake Berry has warned that any Tory rebels who vote against will be expelled from the party. .

The latest poll shows Labour leading the Conservatives by 19 points. “Liz Truss went from mediocre (-9 net approval rate) to very poor (-37 net).” Opiumconducted a study published Saturday.

Another YouGov poll last week showed Labor leading the Conservatives by 33%, a record share and the best figure for a party in more than two decades.

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