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Christian Walker, Warrior for the Right, Now Battles His Father

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Christian Walker

Shortly after former soccer star Herschel Walker announced that he would run for Senate in Georgia as a Republican, his son, Christian showed up with him at an event in Mar-a-Lago, and grinned as his father greeted him with a kiss on the head. “It was an honor to introduce my father,” he tweeted, adding, “Then I hugged my future senator. Perfect night.”

In that moment, Christian Walker’s private and public life seemed to converge logically. The young man had already distinguished himself as a conservative social his media star who takes delight in provoking leftists and defending Donald Trump’s MAGA movement.

After that night, however, he remained largely tight-lipped about his father’s campaign. That changed dramatically Monday night after the news broke. Report from Daily Beast.

“You are not a ‘family man’ when you leave us banging a bunch of women, threatening to kill us, and making them move more than six times in six months from your violence,” says Christian・Walker. I have written Dad’s twitter.

Family feuds can be a source of embarrassment for any political movement. But what unfolded in Georgia this week was extraordinary for the level of outrage directed so forcefully and openly at his child’s candidate at such an important campaign moment.

Now, 23-year-old Christian Walker is at the center of a drama that could upend one of the most competitive races in the country.

Elder Walker called the abortion report a “complete lie,” but conservative news media and Republicans rallied to his side, eager to regain control of a slightly divided Senate. Walker’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment for this article.

The spectacle also put a new spotlight on how Christian Walker arrived at his political views. Part of it, he says, is directly related to his father’s and his own tumultuous home life.

But Christian Walker has been a right-wing warrior in his own right for a few years now.He’s the young black man who called out George Floyd’s protest “Terrorist attack.” Although he is attracted to men, he calls LGBTQ activists a “rainbow cult” and does not identify as “gay.” ridicule pride month. He enjoys venting short video rants on his social media and antagonizing the Left. He often has iced coffee in his hand and a nasty smile on his face.

His following on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram has made him a household name among Gen Z members. A lot of it is just hearing about his father’s heyday as a Heisman Trophy-winning football star at the University of Georgia.

In several statements (some of which have since been deleted) and a video posted to Twitter on Monday and Tuesday, the young Walker teared his father apart, an angry, hurt and vulnerable demonstrating his complicated relationship with his celebrity father. showed gender.

“My favorite topic is my father’s absence. Surprise! Because it affected me,” he said in a video posted to Twitter this week.

“He has four children, four women, but he didn’t raise one of them,” he said of his father in one of the two videos he posted to Twitter. . “He had sex with other women. Do you care about family values?”

Christian Walker has directed his criticism at conservative activists and pundits. while trying to pressure him to publicly support his father’s candidacy.

He said he decided to speak out after his father denied the abortion story.

“I’m not telling a single story about what I went through with him,” he said in one video. “I’m just telling you not to lie.”

Despite the personal nature of his latest posts about his father, they echoed similar themes from many of his political criticisms.

“You’re not a victim when you’re sleeping with a married man,” Christian Walker titled a recent episode of his podcast, “Uncancellable.” He has accused Levine of having an affair, stating that he had a pregnant wife at home with a child.

At times he publicly accepted his father’s legacy, at first facilitating his candidacy. write in In 2015, when he was a teenager, he said, “People need to understand that I’m Christian Walker, not Herschel Walker’s son.”

Christian Walker did not respond to a request for comment.

Raised in Dallas, Mr. Walker is the only child of Herschel Walker and his ex-wife Cindy Grossman.Grossman submitted They divorced in 2001, two years after their son was born.

Herschel Walker dedicated his 2008 memoir to his son, writing: Thank you for helping me mature as a man and as his father. ”

After his son’s post on Twitter this week, Herschel Walker tweeted:

Heath Garrett, a strategist at a firm that works with PAC affiliated with Herschel Walker, said Wednesday that he thinks “Georgia voters could sympathize with both Herschel and Christian in this story.” said.

Christian Walker’s comments this week sparked backlash from some conservatives, but also sparked an outpouring of support on social media. He said he disagreed but was moved by his family struggles. Others shared stories of their own absentee parents and childhood trauma.

In Dallas, Christian Walker became a star athlete and made waves in Texas’ intense cheerleading scene. Social According to his media reports and press conferences, he won the World Championship as a member of his team Spirit of Texas, the best cheerleader.

In a past interview, Herschel Walker said he was supportive after getting over his son’s surprise about the sport he chose. told CBS News in 2015.

Christian Walker continued his cheer career When I entered Southern Methodist University in 2017.

Posts on Christian’s Instagram account, dated before June 2020, are mostly cheerleading photos, Los Angeles landscapes, and typical influencer shots of him posing with designer brands such as Gucci and Givenchy. It consists of

But his posts, made after the murder of George Floyd, have a decidedly political bent. He called the Black Lives Matter protest movement “the KKK of blackface.” In the process, he has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on social media platforms.

But in online classes at UCLA, Walker didn’t show the same level of fighting spirit, other classmates said.

Jessica Epps, who took several classes with him while at UCLA, remembers being taken aback by his modesty. In one class during the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, a professor asked students to discuss the movement. Still, she said, he was measured by his reactions.

“His demeanor in the classroom definitely seemed a lot more calm and reserved,” she said. He rarely spoke during her lectures, mostly “talking to himself,” she said.

He was also shaped by the uniqueness of being a conservative on a liberal college campus. he told The Conservateurconservative site.

“Public schools and colleges have turned into left-wing indoctrination centers,” he told the publication. ”

At UCLA, Christian Walker became known for his filmed tirade in his car at a Starbucks drive-thru, clashing with students and administrators.

In social media live streams and direct messages, he quarreled with fellow students and others who attacked his political beliefs, particularly his use of offensive terminology against the mentally ill.

The incident that seems to have caused the most poignancy occurred earlier this year. murmured A screenshot of comments left by students in a Chinese class he took a year ago, expressing their anger over him attending the class with him.

“What a @ucla. I paid hundreds of thousands for this degree. I show up to class to study like everyone else. And because of my political beliefs, students Allow us to treat me like crap?

Some UCLA students were fascinated by his persona.

“He’s very loud, very flamboyant, and if you scroll down and find his videos, he gets a lot of attention. He screams right away,” said Joseph Keane, a recent UCLA alumnus. Told. Entertain. “We laugh — deliberately overdone.”

Keane said Christian Walker was well known on campus as a conservative agitator, but he and his friends didn’t take him seriously.

Christian Walker graduated from UCLA in June with a bachelor’s degree, according to the school. Shortly after, he announced that he was moving to Florida, a place where more people share his political beliefs.

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