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How Justin Trudeau’s childhood may have shaped his “nice-guy persona”

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Does Justin Trudeau’s childhood have anything to do with his “nice guy persona”? was there?

Dr. Gabor Mate the myth of usuallyHe is also an addiction expert and known for his expertise in childhood development.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, a gender equality activist, former TV host and prime minister’s wife, recently endorsed the book on Instagram.

Daily Hive video producer Arash Randjbar chatted with Mate about his book and had an interesting discussion about politics and political leaders.

Life of Justin Trudeau

In his book, Mate writes that there is “something about Trudeau’s nice guy persona that is inauthentic and even surly.”

Matté told Ranzibar about Justin’s father, Pierre Trudeau, who served two terms as Prime Minister of Canada. He began talking about his youth when Margaret Trudeau married Pierre.

Margaret is 22 and Pierre is 29 years older.

“This means there is a lot of emotional immaturity on his part,” said Mate.

Mate also talked about how Pierre married someone who could be his daughter and who was bipolar, though undiagnosed at the time. Mate also called Pierre a womanizer.

It is said that there was a violent fight in the house, and that Pierre smuggled the woman into the carpeted house.

“What is the atmosphere like in the house?”

Matté added that he did not blame them. He also reflected on the conflict at his home that affected his children. This is where Justin’s “nice guy persona” comes into play, Mathé said.

“Be a very kind and peacemaker and make everything okay but don’t take things too seriously because it’s painful. That’s how I see Justin.”

Biography of Pierre Polivre

Poirivre’s roots differ from Trudeau’s, but he faced many adversities.

In an article Polivre wrote for the Toronto Sun, he outlines how two teachers in Calgary adopted him from his teenage mother.

“My parents taught me that it doesn’t matter where I come from, it matters where I go.”

Mate shared his insights on Poirivre, referring to science.

“They did brain scans of people with right-wing opinions. Do you know what they found? Their brains have bigger fear centers. They have more fear. That’s why they want to be so tough and hostile.It’s always about the enemy.It’s always about the conspiracy.It’s always about ‘We’re threatened by drug addicts and criminals and this and that.’ “about it.”

across the political spectrum

Maté delved a little deeper into the right-wing paradigm, suggesting that the more violence a person experiences as a child, the more likely the person is to hold right-wing views until they decide to seek treatment.

He also said the more times he was beaten as a child, the more likely he was to support violent political intervention abroad, support the death penalty, or oppose abortion. rice field.

“As a sort of leftist myself, I know that much of the anger I put into my political activism had to do with my personal life, which I wasn’t dealing with. No. I’m just saying that we don’t recognize the extent to which our childhood orientations and emotional stances on the world affect our political views and activism, and this conservative candidate This is a typical example.

It might be common knowledge that Trudeau and Poirivre’s childhoods shaped their political careers and Trudeau’s apparent “nice guy persona.”

Still, it is an interesting consideration when considering our political views.

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