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Netflix Canada to offer a cheaper plan — you’ll just have to watch ads

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Netflix offers Canadian viewers a cheaper monthly subscription plan option.

The streaming giant says it will launch a new ad-supported streaming tier in Canada for $5.99 a month, marking November 1st.

The price is significantly cheaper than Netflix’s ad-free plans, which range from $9.99 per month up to $20.99.

In exchange for the savings, Netflix says subscribers will watch an average of four to five minutes of advertising per hour before and during TV shows and movies.

Watch | Declining subscriber numbers prompt Netflix to investigate ads and limit password sharing.

Netflix investigates ads, cracks down on password sharing as subscribers dwindle

Streaming giant Netflix is ​​considering cheaper deals with commercials and a crackdown on password sharing between households after recording a sharp drop in subscribers.

However, not all of the Netflix library is available on the ad tier, and subscribers do not have the option to download titles for remote viewing.

Pricing for existing plans will not be impacted by the introduction of the ad tier, Netflix said.

battle for the audience

The company’s new streaming option comes at a time when the service is trying to attract cost-conscious customers and find new revenue streams from advertisers that can reach “younger audiences who are increasingly turning away from linear TV.” rice field.

In the US, some of Netflix’s competitors have already launched ad-supported tiers that lower subscription prices in exchange for occasional commercial breaks.

HBO Max, Peacock and Paramount Plus are among the companies that have options statewide. Disney Plus, meanwhile, has outlined plans to launch its own version in the coming months.

Netflix rolls out its ad tier in Canada two days ahead of most other major markets. On November 3rd, the option will be available in countries including the US, Brazil, France, and the UK. In the US, the service costs $6.99, $1 less than similar plans on Disney Plus and $3 less than HBO. maximum.

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