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Four Friends Missing in Oklahoma Found Dismembered, Police Say

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The mysterious disappearance of four friends in Oklahoma took a sharp turn Monday after police confirmed their remains were found in a river.

Police chief Joe Prentiss of Ocmulgee, a city of about 11,000 people about 40 miles south of Tulsa, said at a news conference Monday that the body had been identified as that of Mark Chastain, 32. said. Billy Chastain, 30 years old. Mike Sparks, 32 years old. Alex Stevens, 29, from Okmulgee. The chief said Chastain was his brother.

Chief Prentice said investigators planned to “commit some sort of criminal act” after the man left Billy Chastain’s home on the west side of Okmulgee around 8 p.m. Oct. 9. I believe that I was

Their plans to get involved in criminal activity were based on information from witnesses who had been invited to join the man, the chief said, citing witnesses.

“It’s a general term that refers to engaging in some sort of criminal activity, but I don’t know what they were planning to do or where they were going to do it,” he added.

Police said the men were reported missing last week after leaving Billy Chastain’s home.

Mark Chastain’s wife, Jessica, said 2 news oklahoma last week Her husband parked his car at a house owned by the Chastain family on Sundays, and the four men often spent time there, she said.

“They don’t go far. Never,” Chastain told the news station.

On Friday, a passerby noticed something suspicious in the Deep Fork River, and investigators found what they believed to be a human remains sticking out of the water.

credit…Okmulgee Police Station

But it wasn’t until Monday that police confirmed the identity of the remains. Chief Prentiss said it took time to confirm their identities because all four had gunshot wounds and appeared to have been dismembered and then dumped in the river.

Chief Prentice said police were looking for Joe Kennedy, the owner of a local salvage yard. It’s next door to the property, the chief said, but didn’t give details.

He said signals from Mark Chastain’s cell phone rang in and around the Salvage Yard. No charges have been filed and the cause and manner of death have yet to be determined, the chief said.

Kennedy denied knowing the man when he spoke with investigators on Friday. said.

A text message was sent Monday afternoon to a number registered with the salvage yard in Mr. Kennedy’s name, but there was no immediate response. Late Monday, the secretary said Mr. Kennedy’s car was found “abandoned” behind his Morris, Oklahoma, office, about six miles east of Ocmulgee.

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Investigators have not recovered the gun used in the killing, Chief Prentice said.

“Unfortunately there is no explanation for the bike,” said Chief Prentice. “At least he had one, and all of the boys had multiple bikes. There’s no way of knowing which bike they were on.”

Chief Prentice said the investigation was ongoing and police were waiting for cell phone records and had requested video surveillance from local businesses. His best guess is that the man’s body was dumped into the river on the night of October 9th or the morning of October 10th.

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