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In Los Angeles, Politics Are More Complex Than a Racist Recording Indicates

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Both predicted that if the 71-year-old Price resigned, union leaders would support a Latino candidate. He will enter the final four-year term under the city’s term limits rule. In another leaked recording, Ron Herrera, who resigned as president of the Labor Federation, mentioned the possibility. ‘ he replied.

Price, a Stanford-educated attorney and former Inglewood City Council member from Angeleno, said some 250,000 people in the 9th district are keeping him in the job. .

Last week, outside his office on Central Avenue, a farmer’s market offered ruby ​​strawberries, jars of honey, cartons of eggs, and advice on composting. The city councilman said it was his idea to expand the market, bringing produce to the food desert and providing a place for people to come together and find food stamp vouchers and information about community resources.

Across the street is an informal market where Latino vendors sell ears of corn, bags of Duro, clothing and toys daily around the parking lot of a discount department store. As he walked down the corridor, Mr. Price looked at them and nodded.

He pointed out signposts detailing in English and Spanish the landmarks of the area’s heyday as a thriving hub of Negro Angelenos.The Lincoln Theater on 23rd Street is Harlem’s famous Negro It’s called the “West Coast Apollo” after the entertainment venue.The Liberty Savings and Loan Association is a black-owned business that provided mortgages to local residents who were barred out by white lenders.

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“This isn’t just for blacks,” Price said of the historic marker. “It’s also about brown people understanding our history.”

The crowning jewel of its time was the Dunbar Hotel, where greats such as Louis Armstrong, Lena Horne, and Mr. Ellington stayed.While it was able to draw crowds for performances in Los Angeles, staying in a white hotel Dunbar now serves as affordable housing for seniors.

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